Since 1959, we at Gallegos Sanitation have focused on providing cost-effective, quality first, recycling and trash removal services to Northern Colorado residents, businesses, contractors, and special events.

We provide recycling and trash removal services to individual households, multi-family residences, businesses, schools, construction contractors, special events, and more. To accomplish this throughout the area, we must maintain a large fleet of roll-off, frontload, portable toilet pumpers, automated side-load and residential collection vehicles. Our staff is trained and experienced to assist existing and potential customers determine the best solution to their disposal needs.



Household Services

We provide a variety of service options to fit specific household needs. Choose from (3) different plastic cart sizes, large metal dumpsters, or use your own containers. Each household can…



Business Services

We service over 7,000 businesses across the Front Range in various areas from restaurants, to manufacturing facilities. Whether it is trash or recycling, we have a variety of choices…

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Construction & Temporary Services

We not only provide waste containers and services but also complete recycling solution for your construction waste. We accomplish this from Recycle Plan requirement to LEED reporting…

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Special Event Services

We at Gallegos Sanitation can handle events from 5-25,000 people. We are the only company in Northern Colorado that can handle trash, recycling, portable toilets, and zero waste all in one…

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Recycling Services

Gallegos Sustainable Innovations take effective measures to reduce waste in the landfill. This in turns benefits our community by saving money, energy, and natural resources…

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Equipment Options

We at Gallegos Sanitation have a wide variety of equipment options to fit your specific needs…


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