2019 Marks the 20th Anniversary of GSI offering yardwaste recycling service to NoCo!

Yardwaste Recycling is a Win-Win for the Northern Colorado Community!

Yardwaste recycling (think of the buzz word “composting”) is a simple, yet super effective program that continually makes sense for our community to participate in.  The top benefits of this program are that it: 1) is local and affordable 2) reduces greenhouse gas emissions and 3) sequesters carbon from the atmosphere when applied.

Local and Affordable:

GSI has sustained a great partnership with a Northern Colorado composter (end-user) who is within a 20 mile radius from where yardwaste containers are pick-up.  This means that yard debris is picked up and hauled a relatively short distance before it is dropped off to be made into a beneficial, new product. The close proximity keeps transportation costs to a minimum, allowing GSI to provide the service a low rate. In contrast, typical single-stream recycling is hauled 65 miles north to Denver to be separated out, and then shipped across the states and globe for processing, where hundred and even thousands of miles are traveled before reaching the material end-users.  You betcha that our community has to pay big to send our recycling down the interstate to be sorted, then sent to uncertain, unreliable markets.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases:        

By literally going green and ordering a green yardwaste cart from GSI, our community can make a big impact. This is because once at the compost facility, yard debris such as flowers, grass, branches are put into a large pile called a windrow. With a little TLC of water, air and time, whoola! The finished product is literally turned into a certified compost material.

This process of composting organic materials enables yard debris to break down quickly, with minimal off-gassing, when compared to landfilling such materials.  In the landfill, organic debris breakdowns without oxygen as it is placed in a pile and covered with other materials. This lack of air, compression of materials, combined with the elements, caused methane gas to be released into our environment. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that traps a lot of heat I the environment. It is 25 times more impactful at trapping radiation compared to carbon dioxide. Methane is the second largest man-made contributor to global warming.

Carbon Sequestration:

The third part of the story is that when we use compost on our lawns, for our trees, in our gardens and for landscaping, the compost actually pulls carbon out of the air and into the soil. This is a process called carbon sequestration. This ability is truly amazing. It is a way that the earth can help to cool itself. If all your neighbors used compost on their lawns and gardens, imagine how it would help to mitigate environmental affects in your neighborhood.

So there you have it.  For 20 years, yardwaste recycling has made sense in our local community from a financial, social and environmental lens.  Please tell your friends and neighbors about the benefits. Ask them to sign-up for this truly sustainable yardwaste service today!