Our History & Mission

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Edward Gallegos was born in San Luis, CO in 1925 as a 4th generation descendant of Spanish settlers. At a very young age, he worked side by side with his parents and siblings making adobes, providing them with just enough to survive. This experience taught him that hard work was the only means to succeed for his family. From his service in the Army, to his years working for Larimer County, he continued to push past a 5th grade education and learn whatever he could. It wasn’t long before he could operate almost every piece of heavy equipment available to him.

His desire to improve his position in life and strong work ethic carried him past discrimination and became reflected in the training of his sons. In 1959, together Edward, Art, Jerry, and Rudy began to shape a part-time lawn-mowing and hauling business into the 70-truck fleet of waste and recycling trucks serving Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming in our trash removal business today.

Our Mission

To be the most innovative, trusted, and comprehensive Waste Diversion Company in Northern Colorado.

We want our customers to receive exceptional service that supports moral and ethical practices, while our employees operate in a healthy supportive work environment.

We continue to support local business and want to give back to our community by striving to Care for Our Earth by providing safety, service, and sustainability.

Philosophy of Service

We started our business at a time when business owners wanted customers to feel good about doing business with them. A time when full service gas stations were on every corner, and everyone’s motto was “service with a smile.” Businesses took pride in the service they provided to their customers, and Edward was no different. His perfectionist attitude became a strong root in our approach to business then and is still the largest part of our approach to how we service customers today.

We recognize that customers are the reason our company is here today, and we are committed to customer service excellence and continuous service improvement.

Industry Trend Setters

In 1961, Gallegos changed the way waste was collected in the area forever when they introduced the first automated garbage collection truck to the streets of Fort Collins. In 1967, Ed applied some of his mechanical skills and designed his own cardboard baling mechanism that included many of the design features we still see in modern day baling systems. Today, Gallegos continues to lead in applying innovative technologies. From GPS and onboard computer systems to new engine and fuel technologies that reduce carbon emissions, GSI is staying ahead of the competition by providing the most up-to-date tools to their employees servicing the community. As a new era in environmental urgency and technology evolves, you can bet we will be there.

From a humble beginning, our business has grown to serve a very large part of Northern Colorado with a primary service area spanning across the Tri-City area, from north of the Wyoming state line all the way south through Berthoud to the Boulder County line.

Environmental Issues

We are already taking steps to move recycling and our environmental responsibility forward. For almost a decade, Gallegos has provided area residents with both curbside recycling of standard materials like plastic, glass, metal, and newsprint, but also green-waste collection. We are constantly seeking route improvements and experimenting with alternative fuels that will greatly reduce our carbon footprint. Our shop facilities recycle and reuse vehicle lubricants and use alternative heating technologies and we will soon be converting to wind power for all electrical needs.

Commitment to the Community

Over the decades, this community has grown by leaps and bounds, and three generations of the Gallegos family have been there. We are not only serving the community, we are a part of it. Our children and now our children’s children are attending the same schools, athletic events, charity events and more. GSI has been proud to be able to support many local non-profit organizations and fund-raising events, including Relay-for-Life, the MS Walk, Colorado State University, Poudre School District, Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County, and many more. We are here to support our community!

Thank You

Today the Gallegos Family still serves many of the same customers or children of those customers as they did in 1959. Over the decades, we have picked up  many more customers, large and small, from the local ice cream parlor to national retail chains. Fort Collins, without the half century of support you have given us, we wouldn’t be here today! We want to genuinely thank each and every one of you, new customer or old, for your support in allowing us to serve you. We also appreciate our employees for dedication and hard work that make providing a quality service possible.

If Edward Gallegos were alive today, we are more than confident that he would not only be proud of his family for what they have been able to accomplish, but also proud of his community for believing in them. We genuinely hope to continue to serve Fort Collins area for many generations of the Gallegos Family to come. With all humility, please let us once again thank you all for choosing GSI to serve you!