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Compost Locally in Northern Colorado

RecyclE Your Yardwaste WITH GSI
Compost with a local company that cares! If you are like many Colorado homeowners, fall is when your yard is full of organic debris.  Recycle that garden waste, branches, grass clippings, and brush the right way and eliminate that overwhelming feeling caused by piles upon piles staring you in the face.

Do not spend lots-o-money to make the yardwaste disappear.  One solution, offered by GSI, is a convenient, timely and affordable yardwaste recycling program (YRP)...


‘Tis the Season for Parties: Rent a Portable Toilet or VIP Restroom Trailer

GSI's Special event equipment and portable toilet rentals make it easy for your guests to take "care of business," while saving your bathroom and home from heavy foot traffic.

Soon, the seasonal festivities and favorite teams will have you gathering with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers for a whole lot of fun and touchdown dances! Gallegos Sanitation can help you. Save your Powder Room from becoming as busy as Grand Central Station, and still keep your guests happy and your event...


Solve the Mystery of Waste and Recycling

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a “Mystery Incorporated” Team Member?

Your challenge: Solve the mysteries surrounding waste & recycling

Ah, good job to you. Clue #1 involved stopping here. Keep going!

Perhaps, you saw our booth or stickers at a recent community event, or you may just be wondering what all the noise is about with waste and recycling in our community. We're here to help you crack the case.


1. Thanks for doing your...


Legacy of Recycling Continued…

Global market changes continue to impact Colorado

Learn the Golden Rules of Recycling:

If you are like most people, you feel good when you recycle! It makes you feel like you are contributing to a healthier planet - one piece of aluminum, cardboard, and plastic at a time.

Materials will only get recycled if there is a willing buyer to purchase the material and make it into a new product; this is the Golden Rules of Recycling.

To ensure a buyer of recyclable materials, commit...


Seasonal Yardwaste Recycling

Seasonal Yardwaste Recycling

Embrace a local & sustainable waste diversion program

Decisions … some appear big and important, yet others may look small and inconsequential. How do you view your decision about throwing yardwaste “away”?

When choosing to participate in GSI’s Yardwaste Recycling Program (YRP) you make an impactful and meaningful choice. The yardwaste program works best when all customers understand its basics. So, when our yardwaste seasonal pickup starts April...