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GSI Customers Already Participate in Successful Recycling Programs

The Larimer County Waste Shed Policy Continues: How Will Proposed Recycling Programs Affect You and Your Pocketbook? Part 2 

As communities continually strive to reduce their environmental impact on the globe, recycling remains a staple that is an accessible and an affordable way to move the needle forward in Caring for the Earth. Here in Northern Colorado, when it comes to our customers' recycling, we are proud to announce that we have a 93% recycle participation rate*. It...


Breaking Weather Alerts

Updated 4/16/2020 at 1:27pm - GSI's Main Office is now closed. Our drivers are working diligently to finish up routes; however, if your trash or yardwaste was  missed today, Thursday, April 16th, we will pick up double the amount next week at no additional charge.

Updated 4/16/2020 at 5:41am - Due to today's severe spring winter weather, your service pick-up(s) are delayed today. Our drivers are working hard to provide top-notch service and operate as safely as possible in these extreme conditions....


Waste and Recycling Services to Continue Amid COVID-19

You can count on GSI to continue offering clean and reliable sanitation services. We are continuing to operate all normally scheduled trash, recycling and portable restroom routes in the safest of manners. Routes may run slightly slower during the course of the next couple of weeks; however, GSI is committed to servicing our customers as long as dumpsites continue to remain open.

Our office is...


Reducing Plastic Use and Making Life Simple for the New Year

GSI's very own Carrie Seckman shares how she is reducing her plastic use and making life more simple.

"I am goal oriented. In part of our decision to simplify our lives for 2020, some of the things that we are doing are curbing our Amazon purchases to reduce packaging and shipping costs, buying resale clothing for appropriate items, walking when we can to almost everywhere to reduce gas costs and we are putting a huge effort into plastic reduction." Carrie Ann Seckman, Special Event Service...


Battery Recycling is Important for Environmental Health

4 Things You Should Know About Battery Disposal And The Environment

***Note: All content and images are credited to Intella Lift Parts.  This resource has been added to GSI's website as a special courtesy to the students of Ms. Martin's class at Learning Haven.

There has been a massive increase in the demand for batteries, as well as an evolution and history of the battery. This demand stems from the fact that billions of people carry electronics that consume electricity. These electronics...