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The Tallies Are Still Coming In…But One Thing is for Sure

Now that the election is coming to a close, our customers are wondering: Can I recycle my yard sign(s)?

The answer is, sadly, most election signs are not recyclable locally and SHOULD NOT be put in your curbside recycling bin.

• Signs made of corrugated plastic should be thrown away in the trash.
• Plastic sleeve-style signs (made of stretchy plastic material like grocery bags) can be recycled as plastic film at the City’s Timberline Recycling Center (1903 S. Timberline Rd.).
• Election...


Recycle Your Livestock Mineral Tubs or Protein Licks

Is That Livestock Mineral Tub Recyclable? The answer is yes.

Winter is here. That means mineral and protein tubs for horses, cows, sheep and other livestock are plentiful in this cold Colorado weather.

Although the containers have the potential to be re-used and serve as great storage bins, once the minerals or protein lick is all consumed and the containers have been washed, they often take up a lot of space, and we find that livestock owners want them gone.

Rather than fill-up...


How to Manage Wearable and Electronic Waste

Check out this post to decide if you should recycle, donate, or sell yours.

Technology changes rapidly! When you changed from your Fitbit to the Apple Watch, do you think about what to do with your old gadgets? What about replacing your old phone for a new one?  Thanks to Piper, a college student and strong advocate in sustaining the environment, for sending GSI these resources to share out. Read below for best practices for managing your wearables and electronic waste!




Town of Timnath Clean Up Day Success

A Community Proves Reuse and Recycling Works

Gallegos Sanitation, Inc. (GSI) has the privilege of working with The Town of Timnath, through our partnership with Mantooth Marketing Company, for the annual Town of Timnath Spring Clean-up day, hosted on Saturday, September 26th at the Timnath Community Park.

As their partner, GSI has provided waste and recycling services for this event the past four years. For 2020, a Fall Clean-up event was added. The Town of Timnath Clean Up and Appreciation...


Paper Recycling Is a Node for America’s Circular Economy

There is More to Cardboard Recycling Than the Environmental Benefits... It is Essential to American Production

The Importance of Paper Recycling
If you are like most avid recyclers, you may spend a considerable amount of time focusing on plastics: What plastics to recycle? Which plastics go into the trash? How do we reduce impacts regarding plastic waste? However, in a recent panel discussion regarding the circular economy, an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of...