America Recycles Day

Child emptying recycling bin into recycling container

November 15 is America Recycles Day


As communities across the U.S. mark America Recycles Day, you can simplify your recycling habits and make a positive impact on the environment year-round by recycling the right materials. We’re here to help with some quick tips, guides, and resources that provide general rules to ensure your items are recyclable, regardless of where you live.





We asked consumers about their knowledge of recycling and how they recycle in their daily lives. Here are some interesting finds:

2022 Consumer Recycling Survey

2022 Consumer Survey Highlights

Survey results Customer survey


Basic recycling knowledge can help to make a big impact.

Keep these simple reference guides nearby to help you determine which common items are recyclable.

social one sheet Plastics recycling social coloring sheet

Ever wonder what happens after you

put a box in your recycling? Check

out the process for recycling a cardboard box

that gives it a new purpose.

Do you know what plastics are recyclable? The number on your bottles and jugs indicates which type of plastics they’re made from and determine whether they’re recyclable.

This guide can help. 

Coloring fun Saving the planet one bottle at a time.

Download this coloring sheet here.


We make recycling easy! Recycling helps keep valuable materials in the circular economy for the long term.

Click the image below for our 2023 Northern Colorado Recycle Guide.