Bag Your Trash to Keep Things Clean & Others Safe



“Should I use trash bags? Do I really have to close the bag?”  Yes, the answer is always yes. There are many for doing so. Here today, GSI will touch on the top five important reasons why you should bag your trash and always tie it shut.

1.     Trash Bags keep your trash can clean

Who wants the aroma of a stinky trash can filling one’s garage with a less than inviting scent? Not me! As you can imagine, a trash can become very dirty on the inside week in and week out. After a awhile a mixture of scents, residues and grime takes hold. Before you know, you un-intentionally start inviting insects, mold, critters and offensive odors to takeover. Getting the picture?

Add hot, moist weather and it is truly a recipe for something mysterious. I highly doubt you want to spend your time guessing what lies below, do you? Or, think of our cold streaks. Do you really want to be peeling off last week’s ham sandwich off of the bottom of the cart. I think not.

2.     Bagging helps keep you and others safe

When it comes to servicing your trash, GSI takes great pride in offering the best service to you. A lot of times, we have automated trucks that dump the trash cart directly. If there is loose garbage, that requires someone to get out of the truck and pick it up, causing exposure to germs and decreasing efficiencies. It also has the potential to attract dogs, wild animals and rodents.

When there is debris around the cart, it causes operations to be slowed and presents safety issues with loose materials being scattered about. Loose trash is very difficult to keep contained. Additionally, it creates a kink in our daily operations – meaning routes run slower, costs increase and customers are impacted.

3.     Windy times

Another issue is wind. Colorado is known for our sunny skies, but boy do we sure have some windy days. Keep your mess out of the yards of your neighbors and your area looking clean and pristine – even if the wind takes hold of your cart before it can be serviced. Bagging helps to ensure the “stuff” stays where it is supposed to.

4.     Trash Bags help us keep our rates down

Bagged trash is more efficient to pick up and pack into the trucks. Keeping operating costs lowered helps the price you see on your bill. And, as far as CARING FOR TH EARTH, the less time on the roads = a smaller carbon footprint.

5.     It is the right thing to do

Bagged trash is much nicer, cleaner and easier to handle than loose trash. We strive to keep NoCo clean and safe, and the crew here at GSI thanks you for your commitment to bagging your trash and tying it off when you are ready to dispose of it.