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The Larimer County Wasteshed Plan

The Wasteshed Plan  --- Is it the right time ?

The past year, a regional Wasteshed Plan has been discussed and developed to prepare for the future of waste collection in Larimer County. It has been determined that the Larimer County Landfill will reach capacity and close by 2024. From the onset, the plan looks sound with funding provided outside of local tax dollars. Plans include developing a new landfill and upgrading the current recycle center. In addition, adding construction and demolition...


Where to Recycle Your Christmas Tree


2017 Christmas Tree Drop-Off Locations and Information:

All decorations must be removed from trees prior to drop-off. Please remove all:
Wreaths Plastic bags
Ornaments Tree stands
Hooks Tinsel
Nails Bags
Artificial trees
Please note the following drop –off locations below.

Fort Collins Drop-off Sites:
The City of Fort Collins will accept Christmas trees from December 26, 2016, to January 16, 2017. Trees will be chipped on site and processed into wood mulch for residential...


What is this ‘Material Recovery Fee’ on my bill?

What is this Material Recovery Fee I see on my bill?

Since the middle part of 2015, the world has seen a major shift in the value of normal recyclable materials. Since then, recyclable commodities values have plummeted to the point that in our local market that we have had a shift of more than $60/ton and now must pay nearly as much to dump recyclables at the area Material Recovery Facility. In many parts of the community, largely including all in city Fort Collins rates for trash collection have...


Driving Safely On Our Streets

The summer cometh and so does the foliage growth. How do professional drivers maneuver a 6,000 pound truck around all that greenery? Very carefully!


As you see a Gallegos Sanitation truck operating in our community, know that each driver is constantly giving his/her attention to areas that present a blocked or hindered view of traffic and pedestrians. All too often our drivers experience such challenges as:

inadequate clearance from low-lying tree branches
obstructed view of...


Summer Roadwork Means Route Modifications

Everyone knows that summertime brings increased street and infrastructure construction work - and this summer more than ever!  Just getting our trucks into your neighborhood produces a plethora of challenges for our route supervisors, dispatchers, drivers, and helpers.


Both the known and unknown circumstances affect our route efficiency each and every day. Such challenges as street closures, detours, train delays disturbing traffic flow, hot weather effects on an idling engine, and...


2016 Residential Services

Your Options for Residential Services

Gallegos Sanitation offers more service CHOICES than any other waste and recycling hauler in Northern Colorado. We would like to remind you of the many choices you have for service options as one of our customers.



Use YOUR OWN Containers:  This option is for customers who own 30-35 gallon container(s) of metal or plastic for their waste.  However, these carts/cans must remain within those size limits to stay in compliance...


Glass Only Recycling Program

Don’t be alarmed because we are asking you to breakup...with your glass! Instead we are encouraging YOU to PARTICPATE in a GLASS-ONLY RECYCLE program near you.


Start with WHY – choose to CARE & give glass a fair shot at a new life!

Let’s be real. The facts show that the HIGHEST and BEST use for glass is to separate it out so it can be RECYCLED into new glass bottles or used to make insulation. Glass is one of the easiest recyclable materials out there. In fact, we have “local”...


Be GREEN- Join Our Online Bill Pay Program

Be GREEN by going online...“Help Me, Help You!”


Yes, this saying rings true for Gallegos Sanitation. We want to make your life both greener and

time efficient.  All GSI customers can visit our website and easily:

Set-up or modify your waste and recycling services by accessing your account on the Web Portal Page
Receive your bill by signing up to get E-statements sent directly to your email account
Make a one-time payment or ensure that regular payments are made...


Distracted Driving Initiative- All It Takes is ONE Moment

Distracted Driving Initiative - GREATER focus on SAFETY in our community

All it takes is ONE moment. Yes, a split second can change history, for the better or worse.

Community safety is a top priority and at the heart of what we do at Gallegos Sanitation Incorporated. So, we recently announced at our annual company bowling party that GSI is placing a greater emphasis on driver safety - especially in the area of DISTRACTED DRIVING. All of us, at some point, have been guilty of texting,...


Fort Collins Zero Waste Updates

Recycling's Future in Our Community

Over the past few years the city of Fort Collins has contracted outside consulting firms to help determine the best
steps for reaching the highest level of recycling, and lower amount of waste sent to area landfills, known as the
“Road to Zero Waste” plan. This plan outlines the goal of reaching a “zero waste” status by 2020, just five short years from now.

Some steps have already been taken. This includes...