America Recycles Day is Today

Gallegos Sanitation's employees share why they choose to recycle. Whether it is for their families, their community or the greater good of CARING FOR THE EARTH, reducing, re-using and recycling are important for a sustainable future.


Seasonal Yardwaste Recycling

Seasonal Yardwaste Recycling

Embrace a local & sustainable waste diversion program

Decisions … some appear big and important, yet others may look small and inconsequential. How do you view your decision about throwing yardwaste “away”?

When choosing to participate in GSI’s Yardwaste Recycling Program (YRP) you make an impactful and meaningful choice. The yardwaste program works best when all customers understand its basics. So, when our yardwaste seasonal pickup starts April...


Shred Out!


A helpful tip that will save time and money at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) is to simply keep shredded paper (shred) out of the single-stream recycle cart!

Why? Because shred is a nuisance since the tiny pieces of paper fly out of the cart (on a windy day), and then fly throughout the MRF facility - making paper dust an air quality issue. Most notably, the shred clogs the expensive machinery that helps to separate items as they move along the conveyer at the recycle center/MRF.



GSI can help with various waste and recycling service options

For 58 years Gallegos Sanitation has operated as your trusted waste service provider and has assisted our customers with many valuable service options. Here’s what our residential customers can count on in 2018 to keep our community SAFE and CLEAN.


RECYCLE CART: The GSI single-stream recycle BLUE lid cart is available in 65- and 95-gallon sizes. This every-other-week recycling service is offered concurrent with the collection cost of your trash (city...


Gallegos Sanitation Inc. Kicks October with Think Pink Program, Offers Pink Services to Promote Cancer Awareness

Gallegos Sanitation Inc. (GSI) is kicking off October with its Think Pink Program, a program that literally provides pink services to customers who want to show their support for cancer awareness. The Think Pink Program includes bright pink 35-, 65- and 95-gallon trash carts, pink roll-off containers and pink portable toilets.

“About 1 in 7 women in Colorado will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. We wanted to create a program that would support local organizations and reduce the personal...


NY makes it illegal to speed past garbage trucks, are we next?

As of Tuesday, it will be illegal to speed past sanitation vehicles.

By classifying garbage trucks and waste collection vehicles as “hazard vehicles,” New York is now the 12th state to enact a ”Slow Down to Get Around” law, which builds off of the preexisting “Move Over” law.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law in August, and it takes effect Tuesday. The state Legislature passed the measure in June.

Motorists must now reduce their speed when passing waste and recycling...


What is this ‘Material Recovery Fee’ on my bill?

What is this Material Recovery Fee I see on my bill?

Since the middle part of 2015, the world has seen a major shift in the value of normal recyclable materials. Since then, recyclable commodities values have plummeted to the point that in our local market that we have had a shift of more than $60/ton and now must pay nearly as much to dump recyclables at the area Material Recovery Facility. In many parts of the community, largely including all in city Fort Collins rates for trash collection have...


Distracted Drivers Pose Hazard to Waste & Recycling Workers

Safety leaders in the waste and recycling industry are talking about the danger inattentive drivers cause and what they can do to keep the sector’s drivers safe.

National Waste & Recycling Association Director of Safety John Haudenshield says that solid waste vehicles are struck by third party vehicles quite often, which is problematic because it could injure or potentially kill an employee collecting trash. But what’s worse, Haudenshield says, is sometimes the driver who rear-ends a truck...


The Dangerous Life of a Trash Collector

Taking out the trash is usually a chore assigned to a parent or teenager in the household. But once that trash hits the curb, it’s someone else’s job to pick it up. And America produces a lot of trash: According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generate 254 million tons of trash a year. That trash is then hauled away by the nearly 120,000 waste workers in the U.S., some of whom make as much as $100,000 a year. Competition for these jobs is fierce in some cities; in places like...


Communicating with Customers About Contamination

Getting customers to recycle correctly remains an ongoing struggle. Customers need to understand that high contamination rates not only have an economic cost, but make recycling itself less effective. Here is one way to talk to customers about recycling as part of your education efforts.

Why do you recycle? Are you trying to save natural resources? Lower greenhouse gas emissions? Create jobs? Save landfill space? These are the most common reasons people give for recycling. They are all fine responses.