Yard Waste

Compost Locally in Northern Colorado

RecyclE Your Yardwaste WITH GSI
Compost with a local company that cares! If you are like many Colorado homeowners, fall is when your yard is full of organic debris.  Recycle that garden waste, branches, grass clippings, and brush the right way and eliminate that overwhelming feeling caused by piles upon piles staring you in the face.

Do not spend lots-o-money to make the yardwaste disappear.  One solution, offered by GSI, is a convenient, timely and affordable yardwaste recycling program (YRP)...


Dealing with the Realities of Organics Recycling

Organics are hot. What to do with them is fast becoming our industry’s biggest challenge. It is also the most elusive. Just defining which materials are "organic" can be maddening. Do we mean only food and yard waste or should we include other products including unrecycled paper products, such as towels, cups, tissues, wood pallets and even diapers and cat litter? If we take the former approach, about 30 percent of the waste stream is organic; with a more expansive definition, more than half of...


Join the GSI Yard Waste Program

As your grass, trees, and other yard flora continue to grow, why not be “ALL RIGHT” and reduce your eco-footprint too? How? Join the GSI Yardwaste Recycling Program (YRP) and “Care for the Earth” by redirecting your green waste away from the landfill and giving it a new life as compost at a local dairy.

Here are a few more reasons why you should recycle your Yardwaste:

Reduces waste disposal costs
Decreases organic waste sent to the landfill which lowers greenhouse gas emissions