Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd

Happy Earth Day! Here at GSI, we take Caring for the Earth very seriously. Caring for the Earth is not only a service that we offer our community, but a deep family value that our employees and company hold close to our hearts.

This Earth Day, we want to extend the gift of Recycling with Certainty in Northern Colorado: Read up on these FAQ’s to ensure that what you put in the bin will get recycled into a new product!

You may find that you will have had to let go of the “old” belief that most everything is recyclable in the curbside bin. Unfortunately, not everything is and many commonly used items must go into the trash bin or find another use for them.

Basically, only put a material in the bin if it is on your recycle guide. If it is not on the guide, please find another use for it. When it comes to recycling, less is more.

Wondering how recycling in NoCo works? Click to find out now.

An FAQ to Help You Recycle with Certainty!

How much do I need to clean out recyclables? Always empty out any liquids/food debris from bottles and cans. Yogurt containers and pizza boxes need to be clean. If they have food or goo, place them in the trash.

What happen to recycling once it is picked up? GSI hauls your single-stream recycling (bottles, cans, paper and cardboard mixed in one bin) to a recycle transfer station in Larimer County where it is compacted and then trucked to Denver. In Denver, material is separated and then sold to a buyer who will make the materials into a new product.

What plastics can I recycle? Recycle plastics by shape (don’t focus on the number) i.e. Bottle, Jug, Jar and Tub with a lid. If it is not this shape, find somewhere else for it to go.

Why is the recycling symbol on this Styrofoam and other non-recyclable plastic products? The chasing arrow sign with the number in the middle is a resin identification code. It identifies the type of plastic a material is made from, Not its recyclability.

What should I do with plastic bags? Keep plastic bags out of the curbside bin. Instead, bring them to a grocery store to be recycled.

What is contamination? Contamination is when you put items in the recycle bin that don’t belong or when items dirty are placed into the bin that will ruin the integrity of the recyclable materials. To be recycled, someone has to buy the material and buyers want clean materials. Recycling with a bunch of bags or full bottles of ketchup that leak all over will be turned away from the recycle center and dumped as trash.

What about peanut butter jars? Soak your peanut butter jar then place in your dishwasher to get all the goo off. If you cannot clean it out, put it in the trash.

Do I need to take off bottle and jar caps? Caps and lids are OK. Place them loosely on your container so any excess liquids can drain out. Caps placed into the cart by themselves are too small to make it through the recycle process and will ultimately be landfilled.

Can aerosol cans be recycled? Yes. Please just make sure they are empty.

When I am uncertain how to recycle something, what should I do? When in doubt, Find OUT! Check out the GSI waste wizard app on our website which tells you what to do with any item.

Can cardboard containers for food be recycled? Any box out of the freezer is trash. All other boxes that can be torn easily are good for curbside recycling.

Check out this short video to better understand the golden rule of recycling, in order for a material to be recycled, someone needs to buy it and make it into something new!