Clean-up this Spring: Start with Renting a Dumpster

Give the gift of a clean-up to someone you care about! 

Slow down and recognize areas in your own or in others lives that need some TLC. Time, money and not knowing where to start are the biggest barriers to a de-cluttered, tidy living space.  Recently, a group of friends helped family friends, by organizing a clean-up day for their yard. Here are the steps you can take to provide a community service to someone you care about.

Ask yourself, Is there someone in know that living a cluttered, life? Do I know someone who has a basement full of boxes, bags and stuff that is overtaking their living space? What about the yard? Do you know someone who needs help with cutting down overgrown trees, branches, and shrubs? Or is that person using their yard as a storage area for all that junk that has broken over the years, and they just are not sure what to do with it?

Take an assessment of what needs to be cleaned up. Is it just a few things? Can it be reused or donated? If so, load up the car and head to a local thrift store. If it is something that is broken, old, stained, painted, then a small 3-yard trash dumpster would be a great use.

Determine what the materials are:

Set a budget: While recycling is a wonderful thing, costs add up to when looking at getting multiple dumpsters for cardboard, metal, yardwaste and trash. Determine what you can self- haul, meaning put in your own car and take to a local drop off site, like the Timberline Recycle Center or BRUSH Recycle Center.

Self Haul vs. Dumpster

Cardboard- clean cardboard can be stacked into a pile and then brought to a local drop off site for no charge.

Metal- Metal such as lamps, wires, nuts and bolts, exercise equipment, strollers, wire baskets can all be recycled with a metal recycler.  You can either rent a metal dumpster or put the material into your car/truck and drive it to the local recycle center.

Yardwaste- Yardwaste typically costs more to pick up compared to cardboard or metal.

Trash- All yours or your friend’s extra trash can easily be disposed of with the help of a temporary dumpster rental.

Learn more about what equipment and spring clean-up services may be best for you or your loved one. Call (970) 484-5556.