Business Recycling Services

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Gallegos Sanitation offers a variety of waste diversion and recycling services for businesses large and small. Material recycling includes yard waste, cardboard, steel, wood, paper, electronic, and single-stream recycling. Please contact a member of our sales team to see how we can help you recycle more to determine appropriate recycling services for your unique needs.


Business Recycling Services Available:


Single-stream Recycling*: Also called  curbside recycling, the  materials include cardboard, mixed paper, metal cans, plastic and *glass containers. Please note that the City of Fort Collins requires that all private trash haulers to provide recycling along with trash service to all multi-family complexes and businesses by 2020. To learn more click here.

2018 Recycle Calendar and Guide

*Glass In Single Stream:

As of November 2017: There have been changes to the Material Recovery Facilities ability to separate out and recycle glass from single-stream. When you put glass bottles and jars  the curbside bin, 80 – 85% of them get recycled (most become bottles). We still encourages our customers to separate out the glass and use a drop off only locations because when separated into glass bins, 100% of the glass goes bottle to bottle, bypassing the MRF. For more information click here.

Cardboard Recycling:  Did you know in the City of Fort Collins there is an ordinance requiring corrugated cardboard to be recycled or reused.  GSI provides carts, dumpsters, roll-offs, compactors and balers for those who have cardboard for recycling.

To learn more about the cardboard ordinance and how it affects you click here.

Foodwaste Recycling  (Compost): GSI provides a 65-gallon polycarts to discard your food waste. Food, napkins and paper towels can be placed in the food waste bin. Any bio-plastics must be pre-approved/tested before being allowed into the compost. Compost Guide

Electronic Waste Recycling:  E-waste materials include Televisions sets, computers, monitors, printers, copiers, fax machines, laptops, tablets, DVD players, VCRs, radios, and video games consoles- which are all banned from Colorado landfills per senate bill 12-133.  GSI can provide a one-time pick up  at your business or help with collection events. You may also come into our office to drop off materials.

The senate Bill 12-133, known as the “Electronic Recycling Jobs Act,” prohibits the disposal of waste electronic devices (ewaste) in Colorado as of July 1, 2013. To learn more click here.


Carts:  65 or 95 gallon carts are available for single-stream recycling*. Cardboard and foodwaste (compost) recycling is also available in select service areas.

Dumpsters: we have as small as a 2 yard and large as an 8 yard available for single-stream recycling* as well as limited availability for cardboard, e-waste, and metal only recycle dumpsters.

Roll-offs*:  GSI can provide the most variety for recycling options for customers who utilize a 15 yard, 20 or 30 yard roll-off.  Recycle Materials include Wood, Metal, Cardboard*, Glass, Asphalt, Concrete, Single-stream*  and more.

Balers:  Balers  minimize waste and and condense recyclable materials into easy to transport blocks. These are great for businesses who produce large amounts of cardboard and have space to store materials onsite.

Compactors: Compactors are used to reduce and compress large volumes of materials, reducing the overall number of pick ups needed. Compactors work well for cardboard only materials.


Please contact our outreach department for more information about our custom Multi-Family,  Single-Family, Home Owner Association, Business and School  Recycle Programs.