Fort Collins’ Community Recycling Ordinance Impacts Businesses & MFUs

Community Recycling Ordinance

About the City of Fort Collins’ Community Recycling Ordinance
We want to thank you for your loyalty.  At Republic Services, we believe in the preservation of Healthy Blue Planet®. Within the cities and states we operate in, there are certain policies, ordinances, and laws all haulers, including us, must follow to serve customers and conduct recycling, waste and portable restroom operations.

The purpose of this webpage is to make you aware that the City of Fort Collins’ Community Recycling. This Ordinance has an impact to your business or multi-family complex if you are within the City of Fort Collins. Per the Community Recycling Ordinance (CRO), Section 15-413, the City of Fort Collins is mandating that any commercial and multi-family customer who is receiving trash collection services, must subscribe to recycling collection services, totaling at least one-third of the company’s total collection volume and service frequency.

Each solid waste collection, licensed by the City of Fort Collins, must add a minimum recycling service to the solid waste collection provided to the existing multi-family or commercial customer. Thereafter, the cost for minimum recycling services must be billed in addition to the cost of solid waste collection. These must be itemized separately, but they shall not be reduced to exclude the cost of minimum recycling service, unless a variance is granted in accordance with Subsection 15-413(b)3. The CRO ruling, overall, was unanimously approved in 2016 by the Fort Collins City Council and goes into effect June 30, 2021.

Applying for a Variance:
There are certain stipulations, set forth by the City of Fort Collins, where your business may be exempt from adding recycling. Click the Variance link above for those exemptions. If you meet one or more of the criteria, or if you have questions on your eligibility, please fill-out and submit to the City by following the instructions in the form. The City will conduct a site visit and make a determination whether your company or complex is exempt, or if recycling must be added.

We have included a 2021 Single-Stream Recycling Guide, as a visual representation of what materials can be recycled in your Republic Services’ bins/carts/dumpsters.

For more CRO details, visit this page.

What are Your Next Steps to Sign-up for Recycling Services with Republic Services?
We are here to help you determine the best recycling solution for your business or multi-family complex and protect your bottom line. Please call us at (970) 425-0444 or email to discover the best solution and ways to comply with the parameters established by the City of Fort Collins’ CRO.