Your Guide to Being a True Recycler in Multi-Family Units

Multi-family unit recycling doesn’t have to be hard. If you live in a condo, apartment or townhome, keep reading. You and your neighbors can be true recyclers and recycle right.

Multi-Family Unit Recycling
Thank you for visiting our website. This page is for multi-family unit recycling.  Here you will learn how to be a true recycler.

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Why is it so important to be a true recycler? Much of the U.S. recycling materials have been exported to recycling facilities throughout the world. At the beginning of the 2018 year, China imposed a series of restrictions on waste and recycling imports. As a result, low-grade materials are no longer being processed. This has a national effect, with our local recycle center implementing new, strict contamination fees when we haulers bring contaminated recycling to them.  This increased oversight has raised processing costs of recyclable materials, including recycle centers outright rejecting loads by sending them to the landfill to be dumped.

Bagging Recyclable Materials is the #1 Reason for Rejection. This includes the use of any plastic/garbage bag holding your recycling materials and being placed in the recycle cart. DON’T DO IT! Recycle materials should be CLEAN and DRY with no food, grease, or liquids. If you can’t clean them out, then please throw them in the trash container.

 Recyclable plastics

When it comes to recycling plastics – it is all about the SHAPE

It is more important than ever that our customers choose to RECYCLE RIGHT by preparing and recycling the materials that are good for end markets – such as plastic bottles, jugs, and tubs with lids (commonly known as plastics #1, 2, 4, and 5). These plastic materials include; liquid bottles (water, soda, condiment, and shampoo), milk and laundry jugs, and butter and yogurt containers with lids. These materials makeup over 90% of the types of plastics we collect for single-stream. Also, please continue to recycle aluminum and steel cans, glass bottles, and clean cardboard (no food or liquid on/in these)!

Still not sure what to recycle?  Type in the name of any item into our Waste Wizard App and find the correct answers on how to properly handle an item.

Do you need extra help? Connect with the City of Fort Collins’ Waste Reduction and Recycling Program (WRAP)

The City of Fort Collins is committed to helping multi-family complexes increase their recycling.  They’ll look at your current systems and suggest what a recycling program might look like for your site. If there are any likely barriers to starting a program, they will help brainstorm solutions.