Green Kids Art Project

This program is temporarily on hiatus. Due to covid-19 safety concerns, we will not be able to provide the container, paint, and personnel for production. Please check back to this page in early 2021. 

The Green Kids Art, or Make Every Day Earth Day, project is designed to allow individual school organizations/students to create a mural on a blank canvas roll-off container. Thereafter, the container will be used for waste and recycling services provided by Gallegos Sanitation to the general public. A monetary portion of the each load hauled using their Green Kids Art roll-off is given to the participating school or classroom when each container is contracted and paid by our customers.

The GSI Green Team will:

  1. Collaborate with the local schools, principals, art teachers and/or other selected sponsors, to organize the project “Make Everyday Earth Day.”
  2. Provide a “blank canvas” white 12-yard or 20-yard roll-off container, placed at the assigned school location. Delivery/vacate dates & location will be requested by the art teacher/sponsor.
  3. Communicate and make schedule adjustments with participating schools if inclement weather prohibits:
    • The delivery or vacate schedule of the roll-off container;
    • The start or end of the proposed timeline to begin and/or complete the project.
  4. Provide acrylic paints (colors requested by Art Teacher) to be used in the painting of the mural.
  5. Place a Gallegos Sanitation sticker (24″ x 18″) on the rear end of the roll-off container to identify the box as GSI property, and provide website and phone number information. A three-inch border will be placed around the sticker as a buffer between the sign and mural.
  6. Request that no painting will cover the GSI sticker, and the border that will be placed on the rear end of the roll-off container.

Participating schools will:

  1. Submit in writing, a request to participate in the Green Kids Art project. On this request each school will list two project start & completion dates,* the supervising adult sponsor and contact information.
    • Start/Complete date: It is the goal of the “Make Everyday Earth Day” project to complete the mural within a five-day schedule. Two start/completion dates are selected; named as primary and secondary, to allow for weather postponement of the project.
  2. Collaborate with facilities in selecting two location sites on the school grounds that are accessible for the delivery/vacate of a roll-off container, and deemed as a safe area for students to participate in painting activities.
  3. Submit a drawing of the proposed “Make Everyday Earth Day” mural for approval by the GSI Green Team. We encourage students to paint their school name as part of the mural.
  4. Have the Sponsor/Art Teacher communicate in a timely manner with the GSI Green Team if inclement weather delays the project timeline.
  5. Provide adequate ground cover/paint drop-cloths to surround the roll-off when students are painting so as to protect the ground under the roll-off. In the event that no cover can be located, the Art Teacher will notify Gallegos Sanitation to obtain additional materials.
  6. Provide the appropriate paint brush materials, containers, and clean-up location. If extra equipment is needed, the school Art Teacher or Sponsor may contact the GSI Green Team for more materials.
  7. Recognize the Green Kids Art project-“Make Everyday Earth Day” as a viable opportunity to enhance artistic creation, foster environmental stewardship, and provide a fundraising resource for participating schools.