Recycling Simplified Windsor

Recycling basics for Windsor Residents and Businesses


Windsor is an open market system where residents and businesses choose their hauler.

Although there are different haulers picking up your recycling, all haulers accept the same basic materials, with the exception of glass bottles and jars (check with your local recycler to see if they accept these). The main point is that recycling is more important than ever! And we want to ensure you know how to recycle right.


Please follow these three steps and watch the video below to become a better recycler.

step one of recycling

Know what to throw

Make sure you’re putting the right materials in your recycling container—paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastic bottles and jugs, and most accept glass bottles and jugs.

Contact your local provider to get a guide and ask about glass. Republic Services Recycle Guide is here.


step two recycling

Empty. Clean. Dry.

Keep all recyclables free of food and liquid. One dirty item can contaminate an entire truckload, so make sure recyclables are empty, clean, and dry.


step three recycling

Don’t bag it

Never bag or bundle your recyclables. Items should be placed in the container loose, unless your city has specified otherwise.


It’s easy to recycle these common household items


Watch this video to know what to throw at home (and for your business) in Windsor.

Please note that while most haulers in Windsor accept glass bottles and jars, some do not. Please contact your local provider to confirm this. Here at Republic Services, we do accept everything that is taken at the Larimer County Recycle Center, as that is where we bring materials from homes and businesses to be processed.