Education & Volunteering Opportunities

Here at GSI, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the competition but also providing services that we genuinely stand behind. We have made it our goal to provide sustainability education services that will help our community stay ahead of the rest of the country in sustainability efforts.

Education for Schools

The Thompson School District in Loveland has chosen Gallegos Sanitation Inc. as its provider for both trash and recycling services. GSI assists the district in monitoring waste and recycling at each individual school as well as in all school district buildings. We have joined with the district to offer recycle training that includes site visits, staff trainings, waste audits, kick-off assemblies and lunchroom monitoring. GSI also offers classroom presentations on waste reduction, recycling, composting and natural resources. Students learn the importance and impact of environmental issues.

Lunch-N-Learns and Presentations

Gallegos Sustainable Innovations offers Lunch-n-Learns and presentations for classrooms, businesses and organizations. We even have our own internal presentations to help teach our staff the same way we reach out to help the community.

Presentations are offered around many subjects, including but not limited to:

  • Recycling
  • Hot Composting
  • Natural Resources Conservation
  • Composting with Worms
  • The 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Resource Reduction
  • Eco footprint
  • And more

Volunteer Opportunities

Giving can be more rewarding than receiving. Do you want to help keep Colorado clean, beautiful, and sustainable? Are you looking for a way to help our local community by sharing your knowledge about recycling? Would you like to see less trash go to the landfill?

Then contact Gallegos Sanitation because we have many opportunities to for individuals to join us in GREENING-UP Northern Colorado and showing genuine “Care for the Earth.”

GSI offers both 2-stream and 3-stream recycling services at local schools, businesses, and special events. There are some special events that we service which necessitate what we call “Green Educators” (volunteers)  to help in assuring that the event attendees can recycle right. By helping GSI to educate the community on greening practices like recycling and composting you greatly assist to decrease the amount of waste at a special event or festival that is sent to the landfill.

These Green Educators have the responsibility to:

  • Educate the public to properly identify recycling, compost, and landfill items
  • Keep the recycling and compost bins clean at the zero waste stations
  • Enjoy the opportunity to “Green-Up” our community by helping attendees learn more about Zero Waste as a progressive lifestyle behavior


If you are interested in keeping our community clean, safe, and “Sustainable” then contact the Gallegos Sanitation Green Team at 970-980-6562.