Home Ice for Hope

Gallegos Sanitation Inc. Supports ChildSafe Colorado with Annual Program to Provide Colorado Eagles Hockey Tickets to Local Children 

Gallegos Sanitation Inc. continues its efforts to support the communities it serves with the unveiling of its Home Ice for Hope charitable giving program which provides Colorado Eagles tickets to participants in ChildSafe Colorado’s services throughout the year.

Home Ice for Hope provides four survivors of child abuse with the opportunity to cheer on Northern Colorado’s hockey team with a pair of tickets to an upcoming home game. GSI hopes the tickets supplement ChildSafe’s efforts to help children overcome trauma and plans to donate four sets of tickets each year, beginning with 2017.

“ChildSafe Colorado offers such great services to help victims recover and live a healthy life again,” Tatiana Grant, Media Marketing Specialist at GSI said. “We wanted to lend a hand in that healing process, especially in a venue that gives an enjoyable break from the long process of recovery.”

Recipients of the Colorado Eagles Hockey tickets will be chosen by ChildSafe Colorado, and awarded to participants, allowing him or her to take a friend or family member to enjoy a night near home ice.

About ChildSafe Colorado

ChildSafe is Northern Colorado’s only comprehensive outpatient treatment program for child and adult victims of childhood abuse, particularly child sexual abuse, and their non-offending family members. ChildSafe does not discriminate and never turns away families because they lack financial resources.

ChildSafe was founded in 1986 out of a need for a comprehensive community-based response to child sexual abuse. Executive Director Valerie Macri-Lind remembers it this way: “We began the program with ten victims and their families as part of our private practices, and we soon realized that there were far more children and families needing this service than we had ever imagined…”

ChildSafe’s services are partially funded through medical insurance, self-pay, and Victim Compensation. Grants, special events and individual donations help fund the ChildSafe sliding scale. The impact of childhood sexual abuse on a family takes many tolls, often including a financial impact when families are disrupted. Learn more about ChildSafe at childsafecolorado.org.