Compost Locally in Northern Colorado

RecyclE Your Yardwaste WITH GSIRecycle your yardwate; compost instead!

Compost with a local company that cares! If you are like many Colorado homeowners, fall is when your yard is full of organic debris.  Recycle that garden waste, branches, grass clippings, and brush the right way and eliminate that overwhelming feeling caused by piles upon piles staring you in the face.

Do not spend lots-o-money to make the yardwaste disappear.  One solution, offered by GSI, is a convenient, timely and affordable yardwaste recycling program (YRP) for residents.  Put your mind to ease with YRP.  Besides that, we provide a container, provide weekly pick up, compost the material, all for one low rate!

More About GSI’s Yardwaste Program

Next, for a Yardwaste Cartnominal monthly fee, even less that the cost of your monthly trash bill, you will get a special brightly- colored yardwaste cart to put your materials into. Your yardwaste cart will be picked-up weekly. Then it is taken to a local dairy.  At the dairy, the yardwaste is placed in large piles, called windrows.

Consequently, this is where it is processed, and can be mixed with manure.  The material is turned and/or shredded over several weeks. Next, it is broken down into a beneficial soil amendment.  Finally, after the compost process is complete, they dairy sells the finished, certified Class I-Class III compost and soil amendment products.  Most noteworthy, the finished products are added to gardens, trees, grass, crops or landscape.  This is done as a way to keep provide earth-friendly nutrients to plants.

Most importantly, GSI has been offering this program for 19 years and is proud to be the first company in Northern Colorado to offer a sustainable, closed-loop recycle program to the community.

What Can You Compostcomposting in northern colorado is easy

Compost the right way!  Use these tips to make your yardwaste compost program run smoothly:

  • Include fruit and veggie scraps in your cart! Likewise, keep fruit flies at bay by keeping scraps in a tightly closed container OR store food scraps in the freezer or fridge.
  • Next, place scraps in the yardwaste cart the night before or on your pick-up day, to avoid stinking up your cart
  • Keep your cart lid complexly closed to avoid critters from checking out its contents
  • Place all contents loosely into your cart
  • Above all, bundle up that extra yardwaste that does not fit into your cart

Contact Gallegos Sanitation to Enroll in the Yardwaste Program

As a result, composting your yard trimmings with Gallegos Sanitation is a convenient way to reduce you impact on the environment. Consequently, you good about yourself, keep our Earth beautiful and clean, and save money!

Visit our how to compost yardwaste page for details about the program or to set up service.

Learn more about the benefits of composting by visiting the Composting Council.