Fuel and Environmental Fees

Fuel Surcharges

Over the years, we have all experienced considerable fuel market instability. Most companies, especially those in the transportation industry, now charge a separate fee that adjusts with fluctuations in the fuel markets.

As a waste hauler, one of our largest costs is diesel fuel. Rather than continually modifying your monthly service rates, we have elected to use a fluctuating fuel fee based on the fuel prices we pay. It is our intention to do our best to stabilize your service rates. For this reason, we are willing to set up contracted rates that only adjust on an annual basis or when there are large fluctuations in some of our major costs (e.g., landfill, fuel). By having the separate fuel fee, we are able to continue to provide contract service rates and still adjust only for changes to fuel markets that continue to fluctuate throughout the year.

Environmental Surcharges

Over the past few years, area landfills have begun to assess fees relating to local recycling efforts and environmental impacts of waste disposal. These small fees are now passed on since they are directly related to the volume and type of waste generated by our customers. These fees are added to every load of waste hauled to a Colorado landfill, based on cubic yardage or tonnage of the waste. Currently, there is no part of this fee associated with recyclable materials taken to area recycle centers.

What is this Material Recovery Fee I see on my bill?

Since 2015, the world has seen a major shift in the value of recyclable materials. Since then, recyclable commodities values have plummeted to the point that in our local market that we have had a shift of more than $60/ton and at times  pay nearly as much to drop recyclables at the area Material Recovery Facility. In many parts of the community, largely including all in the City Fort Collins rates for trash collection have INCLUDED the cost of both Trash and Recycling service in one rate. In addition to the service bundling, city code requires that rate levels increase 100% at each subscription service level. Unlike Landfill rates for your garbage that increase a maximum of annually, recycling market rates fluctuate every month. Rather than increase and decrease your rates every month, we have elected to add a small fee that is solely reflective of market fluctuations.