Residential Services


What is an orange tag?


What size containers do you offer?
The terms change based on your service area; however, we offer 35-gallon, 65-gallon, and 95-gallon trash containers.
How do I get an extra pick-up?
To receive an extra pick-up, contact the Customer Service Department at (970) 484-5556.
What are unacceptable materials?
We do not accept dirt, concrete, paint, tile, or any hazardous waste in trash containers.
How do I report a missed pick-up?
Please contact the Customer Service Department within 24 hours of your missed pick-up at (970) 484-5556.
What is the rate for yard waste service?
Yard waste service is $15 per month.
Does this service require a contract?
No. Our residential service does not require a contract.
When does the Yard Waste Program begin and end each year?
The Yard Waste Program begins May 1st and ends November 30th.
How do I report a damaged cart or container?
Please e-mail Customer Service at
Do I have to use your yard waste cart or can I use my own?
We require that you use our 65-gallon cart designed specifically for yard waste. However, the Yard Waste Program does allow you to have 100 gallons each week; therefore, you may use your own 35-gallon or smaller container, or a bundle of tied branches, in addition to your yard waste cart. Please be sure to label your container “yard waste” to ensure that it doesn’t get missed or mistaken for trash.
What if my cart is missing?
Occasionally, neighbors accidentally grab each others’ carts. We recommend that you contact a Customer Service Department representative to get your cart number. The representative will give you the number on the cart that is assigned to you. You may then search for your missing cart and notify the customer service representative at (970) 484-5556 whether or not you found your cart. Otherwise, if you fail to notify the Customer Service Department, you may be liable for the cost of the cart.
Can I put my yard waste in plastic bags?
Will my service be delayed by holidays?
Yes, certain holidays do affect the pick up schedule. To see a list of these holidays please click here to see our Holiday & Recycle Collection Calendar.
What do I do with my yard waste in the off season?
You can compost it, throw it as trash, take it to Hageman’s Earth Cycle, and place in your backyard compost.
Can I participate in a partial yard waste season?
Can I put my trash collection on hold while on vacation?
Yes, you may put your account on hold. This option is available for those customers who have been receiving service for at least 4-weeks before the account hold option is available. In an annual subscription, we have included 4-weeks of free service (most waste companies bill per pickup however, we charge a flat monthly rate; there are 4 months per year that have 5 weeks). Many customers are gone for less than 4 weeks at a time. Please call the office whenever you go on vacation, once you have exceeded the 4 weeks we will provide compensation. We also will compensate for 4+ consecutive weeks of vacation. Please contact customer service to put your account on hold (970) 484-5556.
When will you offer yard waste pick-up service in Berthoud and Laporte?
We are still auditing requests.
How do I start service?
Please contact the Customer Service Department at (970) 484-5556.
Are there any additional fees such as environmental fees or taxes?
It depends on the type of service you have.
How can I transfer my service from my previous address to my new address?
Please contact the Customer Service Department at (970) 484-5556 or e-mail
What if I have extra bags for pick-up?
Extra bags are $3.50 for 35 gallons. If you have three or more bags contact our office 24 hours before your scheduled pick up.
Do branches outside of my dumpster need to be bundled?
Yes, and they need to be no more than 4′ in length x 1 1/2″ in diameter.
What if I have boxes and cardboard for pick up?
We can pick cardboard up but it must be flattened and cut down to 2’x 2′.
Can I get credit if I don’t put my trash out?
Yes, you can get credit if you don’t put your trash out for one calendar month or more. You must call Customer Service ahead of time at (970) 484-5556.
What is bag service?
Bag service is for those who only need one to two pick-ups per month.
May I exchange my cart for a clean one?
Yes, however, there is a fee.
How do I dispose of a large item?
Please contact the Dispatch Department at (970) 484-6574. Do not set out a large item with your normal trash because it will not get picked up.
By what time do I need to have my trash out?
Your trash must be out to the curb by 7:00 a.m.
Can I increase or decrease my cart size at any time?
Yes. A fee will be assessed.
What do I do with my shredded paper?
You can take it to the local “Shred It” located at 1133 Riverside Avenue, Fort Collins. The telephone number is (970) 493-2455. Another option is to take it to the City of Fort Collins Recycle Center drop off by Rivendell School.
Why are fees higher now in Fort Collins than they used to be?
The City of Fort Collins now requires us to charge based upon volume of trash.
Do you offer an every-other-week trash pick-up?
No, unless it is a commercial account.
When is my pick-up day?
Call Customer Service at (970) 484-5556. The representative will give you this information. Please note: pick-up days vary, based upon the service area.
When is my recycling pickup day and what week am I?
Call customer service to see you pick up day. Pick up days vary based upon service area. Contact customer service at (970) 484-5556.
Are trash and recyclables picked up by the same truck?
Why do my trash/recycle/yard waste carts seem to be picked up at different times each week?
Times vary, based upon road conditions, weather conditions, traffic, truck problems, and new customers added to routes. To be on the safe side, we require all carts to be out by 7:00 a.m.
Is there a rental fee for your carts?
No, not for the first cart. For each additional cart there is an extra fee.
What can I do to reduce my trash bill?
One way to reduce your trash bill is to try to recycle more items, thus reducing the amount of trash and reducing the size of the trash container.