Yardwaste Service



What size containers do you offer?
We offer a specialized 65g yardwaste cart which is designed specifically for yard trimming debris.


How do I report a damaged or lost cart?
Neighbors may accidently grab each other’s carts. Your cart has a number printed on the front that is assigned to your account. We recommend contacting our customer care department to get the cart number then search for missing cart in your neighborhood before you assume a “lost cart.” Please contact customer service at (970) 484-5556 for more information.


Where do you take the Yardwaste? What happens to it?
In most cases, yardwaste is brought to a local dairy here in Northern Colorado. The yardwaste is emptied into big piles, called windrows. Over time the yardwaste is broken down into either a soil amendment or into a mulch material which is then used for landscaping or animal bedding.


What materials are acceptable and unacceptable in yardwaste?
Acceptable: Flowers, garden waste, weeds, shrubs, leaves, grass clippings, tree branches (no more than 4 feet in length x 1 ½ inches in diameter), fruit, vegetable and bread scraps.
Unacceptable: We cannot accept any type of bag- no plastic, bioplastics or paper bags;  no refined treated wood, plastics, paper and compostable products, metal cans, glass bottles, dirt, rock, trash, chemicals.


Can I put Yardwaste out in plastic bags?
No. Unfortunately, we cannot have bagged material as it does not breakdown at the dairy and ends up polluting the surrounding areas.  We suggest placing your extra yardwaste in a reusable durable container (35 gallon Rubbermaid can)


Do branches need to be bundled?
Yes, please bundle branches with hemp or twine and ensure branches are less than 4′ (feet) length x 1 1/2″ (inches) in diameter.


When does Yardwaste start and end each year?
The GSI Yardwaste Recycling program begins the first week in April and ends the last full week of November. Dates for 2018 are; start April 2nd, end Nov 30th.


Can I put my service on hold?
GSI does provide vacation stops for customers who are away from their homes. However, all services rendered must be placed on hold, not just yardwaste.  Customers are required to call in before your upcoming service date to set up a vacation hold. We thank you for prompt attention to this detail, as it helps the driver greatly to know when all services are on hold.