Driving Safely On Our Streets

The summer cometh and so does the foliage growth. How do professional drivers maneuver a 6,000 pound truck around all that greenery? Very carefully!


As you see a Gallegos Sanitation truck operating in our community, know that each driver is constantly giving his/her attention to areas that present a blocked or hindered view of traffic and pedestrians. All too often our drivers experience such challenges as:

  • inadequate clearance from low-lying tree branches
  • obstructed view of traffic and traffic signs due to overgrown bushes, tall shrubbery, and trees in full bloom
  • following traffic that have obstructed views which cause us to make emergency stops


Every summer we deal with foliage overgrowth and tree issues – and sometimes people are worried that our trucks are knocking branches down. To abate these concerns, our route supervisors have asked their drivers to navigate around low-lying branches. Besides, we don’t want to injure what Mother Nature has produced.


Recently the City of Fort Collins and the City of Windsor informed us that both cities require tree branches to be trimmed to at least 14 foot overhead of travel lanes. We request for our customers to please trim trees and foliage or notify the appropriate city of the issue so our trucks can have suitable clearance and visual capacity. If you need further information on this issue please visit www.fcgov.com/forestry or your local city’s website.