Glass Only Recycling Program

Don’t be alarmed because we are asking you to breakup…with your glass! Instead we are encouraging YOU to PARTICPATE in a GLASS-ONLY RECYCLE program near you.


Start with WHY – choose to CARE & give glass a fair shot at a new life!

Let’s be real. The facts show that the HIGHEST and BEST use for glass is to separate it out so it can be RECYCLED into new glass bottles or used to make insulation. Glass is one of the easiest recyclable materials out there. In fact, we have “local” glass recyclers in the NoCo and Denver areas. The manufacturing of new glass bottles from old glass reduces both energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Plus the process of taking old glass and making it into “new” glass bottles (perhaps for one of our local breweries) is relatively quick and cost-efficient when compared with other materials – which may be shipped to coastal markets or overseas for processing (such as the case with cardboard, metals, or plastics).


KEEP IN MIND that when glass is placed in the single-stream recycling container and mixed with other materials, it is essentially landfilled as an engineered fill. Glass is easily broken into small pieces and shards which contaminate other recyclable materials, wreak havoc on the sort-line machinery at the material recovery facility (MRF), and are dangerous to MRF workers.


A real SOLUTION to the problem of contamination

Currently, there are several dedicated glass-only recycling drop-off locations throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor.  The purpose is to make “separated glass” collection simple and convenient for the community to use.


Glass Only Drop-Off Locations

Fort Collins: Odell Brewing Company, Horse & Dragon Brewing Company, FoCo Café (bin located inside trash enclosure), City Park 9 Golf Course, EPIC, Rivendell Recycling Center, Larimer County Recycle Center.

Loveland: Loveland Recycling Center, Habitat for Humanity at Kroh Park, Barnes Park, Loveland Marketplace Dollar Tree, Cattail Creek Golf Course.

Windsor: Windsor Recycling Center.