Be GREEN- Join Our Online Bill Pay Program

Be GREEN by going online…“Help Me, Help You!”


Yes, this saying rings true for Gallegos Sanitation. We want to make your life both greener and

time efficient.  All GSI customers can visit our website and easily:

  • Set-up or modify your waste and recycling services by accessing your account on the Web Portal Page
  • Receive your bill by signing up to get E-statements sent directly to your email account
  • Make a one-time payment or ensure that regular payments are made to GSI through our online

How to Find the Web Portal Help Page on our website

By visiting our online web portal help page, you can follow the simple step-by-step instructions to establish a greener (paperless) and efficient communication system with us. Please note: it is important that you are using a current, up-to-date browser or you may experience problems with the web portal.  We appreciate those customers who already use the ease and efficiency of our web portal. Follow these steps:  (1) Go to, (2) Move your curser and hover over the “Billing and Payment” menu, (3) A drop-down menu of the Billing and Payments will reveal the “Web Portal” page for you to select.


Please Communicate Updated Credit Card Information

It is now commonplace for the credit card industry to regularly send you a new card (either with new credit card #, new expiration date, new CVC #). Therefore, we MUST HAVE THIS NEW INFORMATION updated in our system to assure your GSI account(s) are functional. Please return our calls or respond to GSI email notices requesting an update of your credit card information.  For security reasons we cannot update your information with just the last 4-digits of a credit card or the expiration date – as we have no access to your actual number once we have entered it into the system.  Again, you can contact us or use your web portal access to update this information yourself.


Making Timely Payments Are Important

Some customers use a “Bank Payment Service.” Be aware that when you make an electronic online payment this way we do not receive confirmation of your payment immediately.  Since banking institutions’ will mail your payment by check to our office – there is a subsequent delay of your payment receipt posting to your account. In addition, we occasionally have erroneous information sent to us; such as an inaccurate account number, name, and address. This creates increased difficulty in crediting customer accounts in a timely manner.  If you use a bank payment service please confirm with your bank that your information is correct.  Ideally, to ensure you are never late we recommend that you sign up with GSI’s online Billpay Program for FREE.