How Can You Dispose of Yardwaste? Sign-up for GSI’s Yardwaste Program to Recycle It.

Not sure what to do about your yardwaste mess? Gallegos Sanitation’s Yardwaste Program saves you money and keeps yardwaste out of the landfill.

GSI’s innovative Yardwaste Program is celebrating 21 years of sustainable yardwaste recycling! At the foundation of GSI, you will see a family of entrepreneurs who strive to make a difference for their employees, their community and the environment. This year marks 21 years of one of GSI’s innovations, the GSI Yardwaste Recycling Program where a special green cart is offered, at an economical price of $16.95 month for up to 100 gallons of material per week, allows residents to compost yardwaste and keep yardwaste out of the landfill.

The Most Sustainable Service Offered  

GSI’s Yardwaste service is the most “sustainable” service we provide our customers. This is because our yardwaste service is part of a closed loop system and circular economy- all sustainability buzz words! It is considered closed loop and circular, because nothing is wasted; all the waste is recycled into a beneficial product that is used within a 60 mile radius; it keeps this beneficial material from going to the landfill, and the Yardwaste Program costs less than setting out this additional, seasonal waste as “extra” trash.   

From Our Family to Theirs 

GSI partners with a century old, family-owned Dairy, that is located right here in Northern Colorado. We collect organic materials from the outdoors that we call “yardwaste” such agrass, small tree branched (no larger than your thumb), flowers, weeds, bushes, and brush.  GSI collects yardwaste from residents in Fort Collins, Wellington, Windsor, Timnath and Berthoud.  

From our family business to theirs, GSI drops off organic waste at the Dairy where it is placed in windrows, mixed with manure and water, and over a few weeks’ time, becomes compost- a beneficial “super vitamin” for the earth. The finished compost is sold back to the Northern Colorado community to be mixed with our dense soil, mostly for landscaping projects.  GSI yardwaste is also used as bedding for the “happy cows” who produce milk that is sent to a local manufacture in Greeley, to be bottled and distributed back to NoCo Families like yours. 

GSI Innovations are People-Powered 

GSI continues to be a thought-leader in waste and recycling service options in Northern Colorado and beyond.  Innovation is made possible because of GSI’s great teamwho peoplepower the services that we offer!  21 years strong and now a policy driven program, thank you for all you do to provide the finest in sustainability services to our Northern Colorado Communities. For more information on the Yardwaste Program, email