How Should You Manage Your Trash and Recycling During the COVID-19 Pandemic?


Your Waste Management Guide to Coronavirus, Spring 2020

In this article, we share best practices for managing your waste and recycling in your home. We ask you read and share out this information to help our community safely prepare recycling and trash as more people become sick with the COVID-19 in Larimer County and Weld County. 

Our goal is to mitigate any risks to public health and safety by serving as a resource for the best waste management practices for our Northern Colorado Community. Trash and recycle companies like GSI are considered an “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce”. At GSI, we are consistently enabling protective measures to keep our employees and community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we see an increase in people who are diagnosed with COVID-19 in the next few months, we want to encourage you to implement further protective measures that are recommended by Industry Leaders.  

Preparing Household Trash and Recycling in Healthy Households 

TRASH: Please Tightly Secure All TRASH In Plastic Bags. Because of the risk of transmission of COVID-19, we cannot ask drivers to pick up any loose waste off the ground, beside or set on top of trash cans, carts or dumpsters. We need help in ensuring that all residential and commercial trash is in bags and tied securely shut To the best of your ability, please ensure all waste is inside your container. If you need trash bags, GSI sells teal bags for extra trash and can deliver these to your door 

RECYCLING: Please ensure all recyclables are rinsed and clean, with the goal of stopping the spread of sickness. If clean, continue to place recyclable materials loosely inside a recycle cart or dumpster. If you do not have enough space in your recycling bin, please contact our office to make appropriate adjustments to your service size. GSI is available to help manage your costs by providing you with additional carts or bigger dumpsters. To have someone from our sales team help you right size your service, please email 

Managing Garbage if Someone in Your Household Has Coronavirus:   

Please DOUBLE-BAG any trash that is from an ill person and ensure the bag is tied tightly shut.  

COVID-19 Guide for Waste Operations
At this time, CDC and OSHA are not issuing waste and recycling specific guidelines for the handling of waste and recycling materials related to COVID 19 Pandemic. If this changes, NWRA will alert members. OSHA also states that workers use appropriate engineering and administrative controls, safe work practices, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent worker exposure. 

GSI’s Commitment to Our Community
Trash is a very important part of keeping our community free from disease and maintaining public health. Our drivers are trained and certified to provide a high level of safety and service in the dirty job they do every day. We continually monitor the health and safety of our employees, to ensure they have adequate resources to perform their job safely and efficiently, so they can continue to support your health and safety. We thank you for allowing us to provide you with 60 years of service, a trust we take very seriously. 

You are so important to us and we will do everything we can to keep our wonderful Northern Colorado communities clean and safe, including the areas of Berthoud, Bellvue, Evans, Fort Collins, Johnstown, Greeley, Kersey, Laporte, Loveland, Severance, Timnath, Wellington, and Windsor.