How to Manage Wearable and Electronic Waste

Check out this post to decide if you should recycle, donate, or sell yours.

Technology changes rapidly! When you changed from your Fitbit to the Apple Watch, do you think about what to do with your old gadgets? What about replacing your old phone for a new one?  Thanks to Piper, a college student and strong advocate in sustaining the environment, for sending GSI these resources to share out. Read below for best practices for managing your wearables and electronic waste!


Responsible Electronic Waste Recycling

The first resource is about why and how you should recycle your electronic waste responsibly. Please note that GSI partners with a local Fort Collins electronic waste recycler, I.T. Refresh.  I.T. Refresh’s management system is certified to e-Stewards, R2, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001. Strict third-party audits are conducting to ensure material is being recycled responsibly. Contact us today to schedule responsible recycling of your electronic waste!

Recycling E-Waste Responsibly


Recycling, Donating, or Selling Wearables

The second resource is how to manage your wearables through recycling, donation, or selling them. From the article, wearable technology refers to gadgets that one wears the whole day with the purpose of tracking activities and recording certain information. These devices are usually synced or connected to your mobile phone, and they transmit your recorded data through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Wearables may come in the following forms and with these functions:

  • Smartwatches—they function like regular wristwatches, but you can also receive notifications about emails and text messages from your phone, make calls, and even stream music.
  • Fitness trackers—they allow you to monitor vital health stats like your heart rate, sleeping hours and walking average. However, their data does not replace the information you get from actual lab tests, doctor’s appointments, and medical procedures.
  • Safety trackers—as the name implies, these devices are intended to keep you safe in case of emergencies. They may be occasionally designed to look like ordinary jewelry or accessories while they discreetly help you send alarms or alerts.

Find out how to recycle, donate, or sell your wearable!

Your Guide to Sustainable Wearables: How to Recycle, Donate, or Resell Them