Legacy of Recycling Continued…

Don't bag recycling, ever!
Below is a picture of recycling that was rejected at the Larimer County Recycle Center. Bagging recycling is the #1 reason for rejection. All recycling should be placed loose in the bin.

Global market changes continue to impact Colorado

Learn the Golden Rules of Recycling:

If you are like most people, you feel good when you recycle! It makes you feel like you are contributing to a healthier planet – one piece of aluminum, cardboard, and plastic at a time.

Materials will only get recycled if there is a willing buyer to purchase the material and make it into a new product; this is the Golden Rules of Recycling.

To ensure a buyer of recyclable materials, commit to only putting materials into the curbside recycle bin that are of 1) high value and are 2) truly recyclable!

“Hoping” a material is recyclable and putting it in your curbside bin hurts the recycling process, increasing costs and will cause an entire load of recycling to get rejected!

Check out this updated recycle guide to learn how to be a true recycler:

9News in Denver recently highlighted the barriers Colorado and the rest of the world are up against when it comes to recycling right. Please do your part to keep Colorado beautiful.

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