Newsletter Cart Placement Video

Watch Our Cart Placement Tips Video & Take Advantage Of a Special from Another Local Business: Screamin Peach

Most of our residential routes are picked up with an automated trash/recycle truck. A successful day for our drivers will happen when they can navigate close to the cart(s), tip the cart into the side of the truck, and drive on. Essentially they do this upwards of 800 times a day (for trash only week), and 1,600 times on a trash and recycle day! So, being able to perform our job efficiently and effectively depends on the proper cart placement at each and every stop. The AUTOMATED TIPPING SYSTEM on our trucks relies upon the driver’s ability to use a mechanical arm to grasp a cart effortlessly – this means without the hindrance of objects, or compromise of safety to property. It is a simple system that works well when carts are positioned properly.

Please help us by following these simple reminders:

  1. Face your cart(s) toward the street so the lid opens into the truck properly
  2. Keep a three (3) foot distance between each cart and all other objects
  3. Do not place the cart near property that can be damaged such as; behind or near cars, immovable objects, or low lying branches (please trim trees with low-lying branches)
  4. Don’t place carts on or around sprinkler(s) heads
  5. Extra trash or other debris should not be placed in front of the cart – place it next to, but three (3) feet away from cart
  6. Tie all bags securely so when they are grabbed, they won’t spill open
  7. Styrofoam peanuts, shredded paper, sawdust, and vacuum dirt needs to be bagged inside the cart to avoid spillage or the wind blowing it when tipping the cart
  8. Remember!! Styrofoam and yardwaste are not to be placed in the single-stream recycle cart