Re-Discover Recycling with GSI

In just 30 seconds, we can come together as a community to reduce contamination and keep recycling healthy!

Take the Pledge & Re-Discover Recycling with GSI

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Make your commitment to CARE FOR THE EARTH today! Simply take the pledge to discover what can be recycled, and only put those recyclable items in the recycle bin. After taking the pledge, invite your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers to join you and take the pledge too!

We recognize recycling can by confusing. The Team here at GSI is helping to take the guesswork out with these helpful resources. Add these to your recycling toolkit at home and/or share when out ‘n about engaging with others.

Download and print the 2020 Curbside Recycle GuideMake sure to print and hang the Guide on your refrigerator or near your waste and recycling bins.

Want to help us keep NoCo looking clean and beautiful? As a quick reminder of what to include and what to trash, download the Colorado Pride Contamination Flyer and Dirty Dozen Handout today, print copies and place in highly accessible areas!

To speak with our resident expert, Becca Walkinshaw, GSI’s Sustainability Specialist who has more than 12 years of knowledge in the field, email