Recycle Your Livestock Mineral Tubs or Protein Licks

Is That Livestock Mineral Tub Recyclable? The answer is yes.

Winter is here. That means mineral and protein tubs for horses, cows, sheep and other livestock are plentiful in this cold Colorado weather.

Although the containers have the potential to be re-used and serve as great storage bins, once the minerals or protein lick is all consumed and the containers have been washed, they often take up a lot of space, and we find that livestock owners want them gone.

Rather than fill-up your cart or dumpster with mineral licks, recycle them and keep one less thing out of the landfill.

Where Can I Recycle My Mineral Licks or Mineral Tubs in Larimer County?
Bring them to the Timberline Recycle Center, located at 1903 South Timberline Road in Fort Collins.

What is the Cost to Recycle My Protein Lick or Mineral Livestock Tub?
Whether you have one tub or an entire truckload, the total cost is just $5.00. These special bulky plastics are what is considered a #5 plastic.