Recycling Your Yardwaste and Composting at Home

Turn Your Yardwaste Into Compost & Watch Your Garden Take-Off
Compost at home. It is easier than you may think. Northern Colorado’s gardening season is finally here, and that means new life! For all you green thumbs ready to claim the greenest grass award or most beautiful garden, and those beginners working toward the coveted title, Gallegos Sanitation has helpful yardwaste tips and garden composting ideas for the growing season.

Pruning and Prepping Your Garden
Reduce greenhouse gases and keep those pesky dead plants, grass clippings and small branches out of the landfill. Through GSI’s Yardwaste Composting Program, we actually recycle your yardwaste at a nearby dairy. The yardwaste is transformed into compost, often referred to as black gold (and full of great nutrients for your plants) by garden enthusiasts.

That compost is then sold by the local dairy and re-used right back here in beautiful Northern Colorado for landscaping and other projects for homes and businesses.

GSI’s YardWaste Recycling Program Makes it Simple to “Do the Right Thing for the Environment”
1) Simply call or sign-up for GSI’s Green Yardwaste Cart Service.
2) The cost is $16.95/month.
3) You will receive a 65-gallon green Yardwaste Cart and the ability to include an additional 35-gallons of yardwaste debri with your weekly pick-up.
4) Encourage your neighbors to join and earn a FREE month of yardwaste service!
5) As a customer of GSI, learn what can and cannot be recycled with your yardwaste service.

Enhancing Your Garden with Worm Composting
Have you ever heard of Red Wiggler Worms? These guys and gals work wonders in your garden. These 1-3 inch worms are able to digest old fruits, vegetables, plants, etc. Pretty unreal, right? What comes out, after digesting, is a nutrient-rich materials, helping your plants grow better, your flowers are healthier and more cost effective than purchasing chemicals or over the counter types of products.

The worms’ waste, or as referenced above, black gold, goes right into your garden. Or, you can start your own worm composting bins and add the compost at your discretion.

How to Start a Composting Bin – Watch Our Video & Make It a Family Affair

Where Can I Purchase Red Wiggler Worms?
Bath Nursery
Gulley’s Greenhouse & Garden Center
Rocky Mountain Organic Supply
Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm

Or, just type in “Red Wiggler Worms Northern Colorado” during your Google search to see a full list of local businesses offering composting worms for sale.

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