Residential Services

Trash Removal Services and Other Solutions for Your Home

Since 1959, we have focused on providing cost-effective, quality first recycling and trash removal services to Northern Colorado residents, businesses, contractors, and special events. To accomplish this throughout the area, we maintain a large fleet of roll-off, frontload, automated side load and residential collection vehicles. Our staff is trained and experienced to assist existing and potential customers determine the best solution to their disposal needs.

When you use Republic Services for your residential trash removal services, you are supporting a locally operated business in Fort Collins and Greeley.

Residential Trash Removal Services – (Can, Cart & Bag)

As a Republic Services customer, you have a variety of options for your residential trash removal.  Our team will work with you to determine the right service type for your family. Pricing varies by your location.


Homeowners Association (HOA) and Group Accounts

We work closely with neighborhood groups to provide customized trash removal and recycling services that fit both individual household needs and the neighborhood demands.


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Residential Recycling Services

We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the competition when it comes to green services. We offer a variety of recycling services for the home, including single-stream recycling and e-waste recycling. We even offer compost services!

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Yard Waste Services

Did you know that organic waste makes up approximately 29% of the local waste stream going into the landfill? We recognize the difference we can make to support local and statewide recycling efforts by providing yard waste services for the home.


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