HOAs & Multi-Family Services

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For many years, Gallegos Sanitation has worked closely with neighborhood groups, HOAs and multi-family communities to provide customized solutions that best fits individual household needs and the neighborhood as a whole. From weekly trash and recycling collection to spring neighborhood clean-ups, our group account customers benefit from our effort to put service first.

“Thank you for consistently keeping our neighborhood clean. When the Gallegos team visits, they are always professional, courteous, thoughtful, and safe. Your flexibility on special pickups is super helpful for our neighbors. You have the board’s sincere appreciation.”
— Nick Armstrong, Maple Hill HOA, Ft. Collins

Learn more about the GSI difference for  HOAs. Download our packet.

Some of the types of group accounts and HOAs include:

  • Large or small Homeowners’ Associations
  • Multifamily Townhomes
  • Condominium Associations
  • Neighborhood Groups
  • Mobile Home Communities

We offer special programs for hundreds of group accounts and HOAs across Larimer and Western Weld counties. Group accounts range from a few neighbors sharing a cul-de-sac or mobile home parks, to large residential developments containing hundreds of homes. Your group does not have to be official or meet a minimum size to qualify for special services and even discounts.

Benefits of group waste removal services: 

  • Reduce costly street repair, noise and air pollution, and improve neighborhood safety by minimizing truck traffic
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of your neighborhood, even on trash day, by reducing trash collection to one day a week, and by providing each household with waste containers of the same color and design
  • We can customize a waste collection program that fits your specific group or neighborhood needs
  • We have the ability to bill each resident individually or set up group billing

Customized to fit your group, here is an example of some of the services we can offer: 

  • Residential Trash Removal: we provide Trash Carts in 35-, 65-, and 95-gallon sizes
    • Extra Waste: For additional waste outside your can you can either purchase our Teal Bags or contact us at least one day in advance to arrange for the pickup of your extra trash
  • Large Bulk Item Collection: for large items, such as furniture, appliances, etc.
  • Recycling Services: as part of our effort to reduce waste, we offer an unlimited, single-stream recycling service that includes a choice between a 65 and 95-gallon cart for your recyclable materials
  • CARE (Community Awareness and Responsibility for the Environment) Program: our experienced staff will audit your waste stream, identify areas for waste diversion and offer educational signage and presentations in order to work with your group to successfully implement landfill diversion programs
  • Community Clean-Ups: we provide large containers for scheduled large-clean up events, allowing organized and condensed pickup for trash, recyclables and yard waste
  • Electronic Waste Collection Events: we provide convenient pickup of electronic items that are banned from landfill disposal
  • Yard Waste Recycling: divert yard waste material from entering the landfill and help reduce the production of greenhouse gasses by opting into our yard waste program

City of Fort Collins Solid Waste Collection & Recycling Services Ordinance