Residential Recycling Services

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Recycling remains one of the easiest ways we can preserve natural resources available. With just a little effort, its impact can be almost unbelievable. Our Recycling Service customers add to the wellness of their community by simple and economical recycling of most types of waste. We offer a wide variety of services tailored to our customers’ specific needs:

Curbside Recycling Service: We Supply Your Cart

Statistics show that by maximizing your recycling efforts, you should be able to recycle close to half your household waste! To help you achieve those reductions, we offer unlimited curbside recycling in most areas with regular household trash collection services. As part of this service, GSI provides each household with one (or more) 65-gallon or 95-gallon cart(s) for recycling. Your recycle cart can be identified by the bright, royal blue lid.Recycle service is provided on an every-other-week (EOW) basis. Your pickup schedule will be either indicated as BLUE WEEK RECYCLE or GOLD WEEK RECYCLE type. You can identify your service week by checking the message section of your statement (below the perforation) then referring to our Recycling Calendar.

2018 Service Calendar – Click Here! 


Electronic Waste Recycling: Drop Off, Schedule Pick-Up or Host an E-Waste Collection Event

At Gallegos Sanitation we have chosen to take the pathway of “E-stewardship” by partnering with Metech Recycling of Denver to pick up, handle and transfer your E-waste in the most secure and responsible way.

We collect E-waste from residential and commercial customers, and then  transfer it to Metech where each piece of material is locally disassembled and sorted into base materials (glass, plastics, metals), then transported to processors and manufacturers to be made into new products. Metech is endorsed by the Basel Action Network (BAN) as a qualified E-Steward electronics recycler.

Electronic Waste Recycling options: 

  • You can drop off your electronic waste at our main facility: 1941 Heath Parkway, Fort Collins CO (fees apply)
  • You can host or attend a community electronic waste collection event and schedule a pick-up (fees apply) – check us out on Facebook to find out when and where our next electronic waste collection event is taking place
  • You can schedule a pick-up of your electronic waste (fees apply)