Residential Trash Services

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Can Service: Using Your Own Containers

As a Gallegos Sanitation customer, you have the option of using your own container(s) for waste disposal.

These standard options include:

  • One Can Service – 35G
  • Two Can Service – 65G
  • Three Can Service – 95G
  • Four Can Service or higher (limited areas)

While the names may be deceptive, you are allowed to use store-bought bags in place of an actual trash can. Customer container size, whether can or bag, should not exceed 35 gallons each. Subscribers to these services are allowed to set out the specified number of containers each week for one monthly fee. If you exceed your subscription level or set our containers that are larger than 35-gallon size limit, you will incur additional charges.

Cart Service: We Supply Your Cart

Our Cart Service we supplies you with a cart so you no longer have to worry about lost or damaged lids, trash cans, or even recycle tubs. The carts are made of a high-density plastic that is much stronger than the plastic used in regular store-bought trash containers. They are much more aesthetically appealing in your neighborhood and simplify waste collection.

Cart sizes offered include:

  • 35-Gallon: 39.1″ Tall  x 20.2″ Wide • 23″ Depth • 27 lbs
  • 65-Gallon: 40.6″ Tall x 26.5″ Wide • 28.2″ Depth • 36 lbs
  • 95-Gallon: 42.4″ Tall x 28.5″ Wide • 34.2 Depth • 46 lbs

Benefits of Cart Service: 

  • Contributes to a uniform, neat, and clean appearance of your neighborhood on trash day
  • All trash is contained in a cart or bagged next to the cart.
  • Carts have a low profile design to withstand high winds common to the area
  • Carts keep trash in and critters out of your waste
  • Carts are equipped with large wheels, handle, and foot tipper to move your container

The carts have a smooth interior surface, making them easy to rinse clean, and to reduce the likelihood of waste becoming trapped in the container, caused by dents or rough edges. A single cart can hold as much waste as 2-3 regular trashcans, but stores in a much smaller area.

Ask about our Think Pink Program, Support Breast Cancer Research & Support with a Pink Cart! 

The program has an initial fee* of $40, $20 of that fee going to a local cancer awareness foundation of your choice (either Hope Lives! Breast Cancer Support Center or PVH Cancer Center). The annual renewal is $25, with $20 going directly to the foundation. (A $5 fee applies to cart maintenance and processing, the remaining funds go toward the premium cost difference of the equipment and exchange process).

We currently offer the full pink cart option in a 65-gallon or 95-gallon cart size. We offer the Pink LID option for 35-gallon carts. To exchange your current waste cart with a Think Pink cart call a GSI Account Representative.


Bag Service: Volume-Based Service, For Those with Very Little Trash

We recognize that every household generates a different amount of waste and that is why we also offer volume-based trash removal service. Our Bag Service is ideal for seniors, individuals or small families who set out very little trash. Unlike Cart Service (where you pay to empty your cart no matter how full it is), you pay a small monthly administrative fee and we provide you with a package of (10 or 20) bags that already have the service cost built into the bag price. You may then set out as many or as few bags as needed each week.

Each bag holds 33 gallons of waste and are made from a 1.5 mil thick plastic, so they are stronger than your average store-bought trash bag.

Bag Service is also offered in addition to your Cart Service (and is more affordable than simply setting out additional trash with your Cart), so you can elect to pre-purchase bags for your extra waste and use them in the future – and it will save you money!