Yard Waste Compost Service

We Do Curbside Yard Waste Removal So You Don’t Have To

Sign-up today for only $18 a month; 65-gallon cart (with up to 100 gallons of material included); weekly service.

Our seasonal compost program runs weekly from April 3 – December 1, 2023.


We have been helping Northern Colorado compost their yard debris for over 24 years!  Your landscape and tree debris make up a significant amount of your regular household waste. We’ll responsibly dispose of your landscape waste, so you can relax after caring for your yard. You can count on us to help you make your yard beautiful. Schedule your yard waste service today so you can enjoy your outdoor living space.

Why Participate?

This program saves you money. The price to join the yard waste service is less than the cost of setting it out as one to two extra bags of trash a week, which is frequent during the spring, summer, and fall months! Even if you are already backyard composting, our program is beneficial because we accept small branches and shrubs, which can be a pest to break down in conventional composters.

We support a closed-loop process, where yard trimmings are brought to a local Northern Colorado certified compost facility to be made into a viable soil amendment. The amendment produced are in the form of compost and/or mulch. Compost is a valuable bi-product that is produced from the yard trimmings. It is then sold back to local developers right here in Northern Colorado, to be added to the soil, plants, and landscaping to improve their quality. Mulch is created from branches and other wood remains and is made available to beautify landscaping and is even used as animal bedding.

Yard waste recycling is good for our environment! This is because when organic materials like yard waste are buried in the landfill they can create methane gas as they break down (anaerobically). By recycling yard debris, you allow the materials to break down how they would in their naturally occurring environment (with oxygen), thus mitigating harmful emissions.

How Does the Yard Waste Composting Program Work?
We supply you with a 65-gallon container with an instruction guide.

Containers may be two colors:

Download the Yard waste Guide here. Participants can set out a total of 100 gallons of yard debris per week. This means if you have a 65 gallon cart, you may set out an additional 35-gallon can or bundle of small branches of yard debris each week, at no additional cost. Just like your curbside trash and recycling, set your contaminant free yard waste container curbside on the designated pickup day and we will take care of the rest!

Sign up for yard waste recycling service today by calling 970-484-5556 or click here.

Click here to learn more about the City of Fort Collins adopted (February 2017) ordinance for haulers to offer an optional yard trimmings collection service from April to November (for an extra charge).