Yardwaste Service

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Did you know that organic waste makes up approximately 29% of the local waste stream going into the landfill? GSI remains the only local company recognizing the difference we can make to support local and statewide recycling efforts by providing a service that really makes it simple to recycle yard waste.

Yardwaste Service Details for 2017

First Pickup: First week in April
Last Pickup: Last full week in November
Price: $14.95/month
$9.00 /Additional containers
Allowed Volume: 100 gallons, a 65-gallon cart will be provided + 1 extra can (33-G) or bundle of branches (at no additional charge) **cannot be in bags**
Extra yard waste weekly: $2.00 per 30 to 35-gallon container

How Our Yardwaste Program Works

Once you sign up for our Yardwaste Service, we supply you with a specially-designed 65-gallon yard waste container along with an instruction guide with a list of materials to include in the yard waste pickup, which is done weekly. Participants may set out an additional 35-gallon can of yard debris or a bundle of branches each week at the same price. That means up to 100 gallons of yard waste for just one small monthly fee!

All materials are taken to a compost facility where they are transformed into compost and mulch in a relatively short period of time.

Special Cart Features that Prepare Materials for Composting

  • The cart contains a screen-like, removable subfloor about five inches from the container bottom to help move moisture from yard waste materials to the bottom of the container
  • There are two vents near the top of the cart and two near the bottom that allow air to pass in and out of the container and through the materials inside, this helps dry out the materials

These features help reduce the weight of materials as collection day approaches, removes moisture, which contributes to odor, and starts the breakdown cycle so that your yard waste begins its transition into compost.