Seasonal Yardwaste Recycling

Seasonal Yardwaste Recycling

Embrace a local & sustainable waste diversion program

Decisions … some appear big and important, yet others may look small and inconsequential. How do you view your decision about throwing yardwaste “away”?

When choosing to participate in GSI’s Yardwaste Recycling Program (YRP) you make an impactful and meaningful choice. The yardwaste program works best when all customers understand its basics. So, when our yardwaste seasonal pickup starts April 2, 2018, remember that your decision was right because:

  • Diverting organic waste away from landfill helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reducing your waste disposal costs and saving $$ is wise!
  • Keeping bulky green waste out of the trash cart (causing overflow) eliminates subsequent “extra trash” fees.
  • You assist the Northern Colorado community to support buying local – the yardwaste is recycled into compost used

by local farms and communities.

It is never too late to join the program – any GSI customer may add this service to their account(s) throughout the season (some restrictions may apply). To learn more about the program, go to our website:


**Beginning May 4, 2018 we are piloting a yardwaste recycling program for Berthoud Residents!  Spread the word and contact us to sign up today!