Solve the Mystery of Waste and Recycling

Gallegos Sanitation cares for the earth through waste and recycling efforts.

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a “Mystery Incorporated” Team Member?

Your challenge: Solve the mysteries surrounding waste & recycling

Ah, good job to you. Clue #1 involved stopping here. Keep going!

Perhaps, you saw our booth or stickers at a recent community event, or you may just be wondering what all the noise is about with waste and recycling in our community. We’re here to help you crack the case.


1. Thanks for doing your part to reduce, reuse and keep contaminants______________.
2. Caring for our Earth is what locally-owned Gallegos Sanitation is all about.

Gallegos Sanitation’s seasoned detectives have a hot tip for you. If you ever need help knowing just where to recycle or dispose of various materials, visit our Waste Wizard to find out! Thanks for solving this wee puzzle. You are now an official member of the Mystery Incorporated group. Congrats!