Special Events

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Planning a special event? If so, Gallegos Sanitation, Inc. has the right event trash removal, recycling, portable toilet, and zero waste solution for you. Graduations, weddings, retirement parties, community or family functions, size does not matter. We can handle events that accommodate 5 to 25,000 people. Only one company in all of Northern Colorado can care for all of your needs when it comes to special event waste services for trash, recycling, portable toilets, and zero waste.

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Why Choose Gallegos Sanitation for Your Next Event?

  • We are experts at what we do. We have over 50 years of TRUSTED expertise in the waste industry and will consult your event on the proper equipment needed and the best recycling system to fit your needs.
  • We can track your diversion. We provide MORE to our customers by quantifying your 2-stream or 3-stream recycling and provide a final diversion percentage of your event (a report) thus making it a “Sustainable” or “Green” event. This is truly the new “Gold” standard that many events in our area are trying to reach – true sustainability.
  • We are just a mile away. Our business is LOCAL and we pride ourselves on providing unmatched customer service. When you contact us, you are not calling a regional call center or Denver office, We are right here, across town. We can meet you onsite to ensure equipment is delivered to the right locations and attend the events to ensure they go smooth.
  • We can handle it. No matter the size of event — from crowds of 50 to 150,000 —  and we have many years of experience in providing event services and managing these waste streams and collection.

Special Event Services

GSI provides a variety of different services to help at events, including:

  • Trash & Recycling Service
  • Portable Toilets w/ Hand Sanitizers
  • Flush Portable Toilets for weddings
  • Handicap-Accessible Portable Toilets
  • Portable Hand Wash Stations
  • Compost Service
  • Zero Waste Event Management

Often times, waste clean-up is left out of the event planning until the last minute. Let us help you plan for the unexpected. Our professional event staff can help you plan properly for the needs of your event so that disasters are avoided.

Requests for Donated Services

We recognize the importance of all charities and support many non-profit agencies and community programs. Gallegos strongly believes in local community and in giving back to organizations that support individuals that live within our area. Please see below for the necessary policies and procedures for Donations.


  • All donation requests must be submitted online. Written, call, fax and email requests are no longer accepted by Gallegos Sanitation Inc.
  • The online donation form must be filled out completely in order for your request to be considered.
  • Your request for a donation item must be received by Gallegos Sanitation at least 60 days prior to the day your organization needs the equipment and/ or service.
  • A final decision will be communicated up to 30 days before the first event date.
  • Your non-profit organization must have 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status.
  • You must enter your organization’s valid Tax Exempt ID number on the online form in order for your request to be considered (if you are a business sponsoring a charitable event, please ask a member of the charity to complete the donation request form).
  • It is recommended that your event not be centered on the anticipation of receiving a donation item. Rather, Gallegos Sanitation’s donation of equipment and/or service should be an added element to your event.
  • Due to the large volume of requests received on a monthly basis, there are no exceptions to the above guidelines.
  • Please keep in mind that submitting an online request does not guarantee your organization will receive a donation.


  • Individual or Private Pursuits
  • Political Parties, Associations & Representatives of Advocacy Groups
  • Organizations that Discriminate by Race, Creed, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, Religion or National Origin, Disability or Veteran Status
  • Research Projects
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Private or family foundations

Don’t forget to complete the Donation Request Form and return it to us timely.