Summer Roadwork Means Route Modifications

Everyone knows that summertime brings increased street and infrastructure construction work – and this summer more than ever!  Just getting our trucks into your neighborhood produces a plethora of challenges for our route supervisors, dispatchers, drivers, and helpers.


Both the known and unknown circumstances affect our route efficiency each and every day. Such challenges as street closures, detours, train delays disturbing traffic flow, hot weather effects on an idling engine, and the addition of new customers/new routes – all impact our pick-up times from week to week.


We work diligently to be THE consistent and reliable hauler you can depend on. Often times our customers trust this consistency so well that they believe their cart(s) have a designated pick-up time which they often set their clock to. Unfortunately this is not true.


Therefore, since GSI cannot have a definite scheduled time to be at your residence, we need for you follow these guidelines* on your assigned pick-up day:

  1. Always have your cart(s) at the curb by 7 a.m.
  2. Be aware of vehicles or obstacles which block access to your cart(s) – keep a 5-foot

perimeter free of such obstructions.

  1. Do not leave any equipment, personal property, or toys near the cart(s) – if you

leave It out, we assume it is for disposal!

  1. Avoid spillage of cart contents
  • Have the CART LID FACING THE STREET so it opens into the truck.
  • Keep shredded paper and Styrofoam peanuts contained in a trash bag, tie it tightly,

then placed the bag into the trash cart.


Northern Colorado is an amazing place to live! We appreciate all of our customers who choose to “Care for the Earth” and keep Colorado clean and economically sustainable by supporting local businesses.

ABC’s of Trash & Recycling