Portable Toilets & Handwash Stations

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Standard Portable Restrooms

All of our standard restrooms are constructed from durable, lightweight plastic material. Each portable restroom is fully contained and comes equipped with a toilet, urinal, fully stocked toilet paper and hand sanitizer dispensers. They also feature a lockable door with in-use indicator, a vent pipe for proper ventilation and a 60-gallon holding tank.

Elite Portable Restrooms

This unit is our top-of-the-line portable restroom. It is also one of our most popular restrooms for weddings and special events. This restroom features a foot pump operated flushable toilet, a fresh water sink for hand-washing, and a liquid soap dispenser.

Handicap Accessible Portable Restrooms

Handicap accessible restrooms provide enough space for wheelchair accessibility. This larger portable restroom is designed with an oversized self-closing door for easy access and a flat floor design that allows wheelchairs to roll in and out. They are significantly larger than a standard portable restroom and are considered to be family friendly for parents who require extra space to accompany their children in the restroom.

ADA Compliant Handicap Portable Restrooms

ADA Handicap Accessible restrooms are specifically designed to meet and exceed the American Disability Association portable restroom guidelines. This portable restroom is equipped with a self closing door for easy access, a flat floor design to allow a wheelchair to roll in and out, and a 360-degree turn radius inside the unit for wheelchair maneuverability. This unit is also designed to be family friendly for parents who require extra space to accompany their children in the restroom.

Handwash Stations

Our standard special event hand wash station is a self contained unit, equipped with a 22 gallon fresh water tank and a 24 gallon waste water tank. This foot pump operated unit comes fully stocked with water, soap and paper towels.

Portable Restroom Trailers

We have large fully enclosed restroom trailers for use at special events, business remodel projects, and more. These come fully equipped with multiple stalls with flushing units, and fresh water sinks, vanities, and plenty of room to move around inside.