The Dark Days of Winter Are Here.

How you can help with trash truck driver safety and efficiency.

As the daylight gets shorter and the snow and cold embark on northern Colorado, GSI drivers do their best to make sure your waste and recycling is picked up in a timely and safe manner! Did you know that trash and recycling collectors make up one of the most dangerous occupations in the US? We take our trash truck driver safety to heart.




Residential drivers can pick up somewhere between 800 to 1,200 homes each day in more densely populated areas. Commercial drivers dump 200-500 businesses a day. Now, take these figures and add darkness, snow, ice, wind, fog.  We receive calls asking, “Are you picking up today?”  The answer depends on a combination of things.


Here’s How You Can Help

During these dark days of winter, your help ensures our drivers can access your carts and dumpsters safely and efficiently, so our community can remain clean, safe, and waste properly taken care of. The goal is to keep the driver in the truck and avoid them from having to get out to move carts, debris, objects, or be put into hazardous situations.


Be ready early:

  • ALWAYS have your carts to the curb by 7:00 AM, unless we send you a message otherwise for the holiday or weather-related alerts.
  • Your enclosures need to be cleared by 3:00 AM.

Clear a path:

  • Shovel enclosures so we can easily pull-out dumpsters for dumping.
  • Shovel the street where you set carts.
  • De-ice the area around your dumpster to keep the driver from slipping.
  • Make sure vehicles are not blocking access.


Place correctly:


Give em’ space:

  • Carts should have at least three (3) foot clearance of space between the cart and any other object. Failure to provide adequate space and the driver must get out of the truck to move objects. This creates dangerous situations.


Have Questions?

If you have questions about your pick-up or other trash truck driver safety measures, first visit our Facebook page or Website. We keep up to the minute details on our routes for the day and week. You can also email Customer Service at