Town of Timnath Clean Up Day Success

A Community Proves Reuse and Recycling Works

Gallegos Sanitation, Inc. (GSI) has the privilege of working with The Town of Timnath, through our partnership with Mantooth Marketing Company, for the annual Town of Timnath Spring Clean-up day, hosted on Saturday, September 26th at the Timnath Community Park.

As their partner, GSI has provided waste and recycling services for this event the past four years. For 2020, a Fall Clean-up event was added. The Town of Timnath Clean Up and Appreciation Day Event was a huge success!

“I am coining this event at Northern Colorado’s BEST because of the recycling and landfill diversion opportunities that were provided and utilized by the residents,”
stated Becca Walkinshaw, GSI’s Sustainability Specialist.

Waste Reduction Options

Callie Hoppe, Mantooth Marketing Event Director, proves that a community clean-up can be more than just landfill-bound materials. She has managed this event for the past several years and is the driver of the recycling efforts because of her passion for recycling and re-use.  This culture of responsible material management has caught on for Timnath residents!

The first couple of events that GSI provided service for, there was a recycling rate of 0-7%. Meaning that no more than 7% of the materials discarded in GSI dumpsters were recycled.  After each event, the waste was analyzed to identify beneficial uses of common waste materials, instead of trashing them. Over the years, GSI and Mantooth have partnered to find economical and environmentally sustainable waste reduction solutions for the event! It just keeps getting better.

One Stop Shop for Timnath Residents – Proof is in the Numbers

The Timnath Clean-Up Event has evolved to be a one-stop-shop for residents to clean out their households and feel good about where it ends up! For the Fall event this past Saturday, Timnath had over 350 cars show up. This was the largest town cleanup day ever!  22% of the materials in GSI’s roll-off boxes were recycled! This does not include the 30 mattresses, the shredded paper documents, and the 2 semi-truck loads of donated goods also diverted! Including those items, over half of the materials brought to the event were put to beneficial use.

“Timnath residents are now trained on this event and prepare accordingly for materials such as cardboard, metal, and donations. Residents now plan multiple carloads by material, because of the consistency of this event.” Callie Hoppe, Event Director at Mantooth Marketing

Keys to Success

The key to success is beyond just placing recycling bins at the event. There are several key factors that support the Timnath Clean-Up Event with continued growth in both participation and recycling.

“The Town of Timnath Clean-up Event would not be successful without GSI’s help and knowledge of recycling,“ stated Hoppe.

Breaking it Down

  • Great Partnerships: Mantooth and GSI work together before the event to specify the landfill and recycling items.m. GSI attends the event to answer recycling questions.
  • Pre-event Education: A list is posted, in detail, on the Timnath Town website. The list explains what items are acceptable and what are not. If not accepted, it is explained where the item can be taken ahead of time.
  • Staff/Volunteers:
    • Staff and volunteers talk with each car coming into the event. They answer questions and help attendees understand what bins to use and how to properly sort their materials.
    • Roll-off boxes are monitored by staff and volunteers.
  • Good Signage: When recycling is at play, it is essential that the bins are labeled so residents know what throw into bins. Give volunteers have an extensive list of the do’s and don’ts of the clean-up.
  • Event Duration: This event is short and sweet, running it from 8 AM to 12 PM.
  • Analyzing Waste: After each event, the staff discusses if there was an abundance of items set to be landfilled. They then research if there is a higher or better use for those items. In 2020, Timnath added mattress recycling because there were several in the past years that were going into the landfill.
  • Trash Last: As residents drive into the event, they stop at a recycling location first and trash is last. This encourages recycling and only discarding what is necessary.

More Communities Could Go the Extra Mile

The Town of Timnath, along with Mantooth Marketing and Callie Hoppe, have created a well-attended event that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable! In addition, residents feel good about what happens to their would-be waste!

“We encourage more communities to go the extra mile and to incorporate reuse and recycling into their clean-ups,” says Walkinshaw.

If you have questions, please contact GSI Sustainability Specialist, Becca Walkinshaw 970-908-6562.