Reliable Trash Service in Northern Colorado

Did your trash hauler go out of business? Not getting picked up?

Make the switch and join the GSI family as a valued customer. We offer reliable trash and recycling services.

If you are one of the many in Greeley experiencing delayed pick-ups and stinky trash, give Gallegos Sanitation a call. We understand your pain and can help! Numerous frustrated business and home owner associations are contacting us about desperately needing trash service in Northern Colorado for dumpsters and carts! We also have the large roll-off dumpsters and compactors for sites with large amounts of waste.

GSI is a trusted NOCO business, celebrating 60 years of safety, service and sustainability this year! As a third generation, Hispanic and family-owned company, our employees are treated like family, and you will be too! Customer service is the foundation of what we do. Based out of Fort Collins, we have a satellite yard located off 11th Avenue in Greeley. Because of this, GSI has the ability to pick-up your trash safely, each week day, as well as offers recycling service.

Recycling cardboard is an easy way you can reduce waste being sent to the landfill and help conserve natural resources. Recycling is good for the earth because it takes your old cardboard and makes it into new cardboard and paper products. We also offer trainings and signage to go along with the earth friendly service. When you call into set-up service, ask our staff if cardboard recycling is right for you.

Contact us now and say goodbye to the stench other companies have left behind. We are reliable, safe and offer recycling services for the Greeley and Northern Colorado area. Call 970-425-0444 and our friendly staff will sign you up for this necessary and important service.